Those adverts: A solution?

  skeletal 18:39 25 Nov 2009

Like many people I have been irritated by “those” adverts; also, like many people, I appreciate the need for PCA to host adverts. But I have noticed that the site seemed to be getting more and more jerky, and slower. I tried disabling Java scripts this morning and the result was astonishing; the speed of the site increased dramatically.

So, the adverts are now having a dramatic effect on site performance which is in no one’s interest. Eventually, people will either turn off Java, use ad-blockers or disappear completely; a result which is definitely not what the advertisers want.

I offer the following as a way round the problem:

Step 1: Do not have ANY adverts on the main pages that include any form of Java/Flash etc etc. ONLY have a simple picture that has a hyperlink. All adverts will be of the same form so will have the same impact on a prospective viewer.
Step 2: Have the hyperlink go to a new area of the PCA site. Call it “The PCA shopping mall” or whatever. This could be a modified section of the “Shopping” area but a key difference is the display of, and relationship with, the adverts. Now you can get really clever here. The hyperlink will take you to a more advanced advert in the mall and the advert will be larger than others also in the mall. It may have all the bells and whistles. It would also have two further hyperlinks, one to the supplier’s site and another to a test that PCA may have undertaken on the product. Near to this larger advert will be others that are for the same sort of products, but they will be smaller. The user will notice these and, potentially, hover the mouse over them to get information about a type of product that is of interest. At this point they become larger.
Step 3: On the much faster, simpler, main screens also have a general “Enter the mall” button. Clicking on this will give a top level view of all the advertisers in the mall grouped by function (like AV software). Clicking on this takes you to that section where, this time, all adverts are the smaller size, until you hover over them and they grow as before.

Users can now experience a considerable gain in performance on the main site, but will also become aware of something that is now USEFUL rather than irritating. If you want to buy AV software (for example), you know to go to the mall, check out what is available, and get a link to any tests PCA has done, (and the supplier’s site of course). Providing that the adverts are not totally OTT, people could accept a slightly reduced performance as they enter this part of the site. But also, this part could be optimised for this kind of activity, rather than trying to do the two jobs of “main site” and “adverts” simultaneously.

As more advertisers become aware of this new feature they may wish to join in as they know people will WANT to visit to check out the latest products.

I’m sure this basic idea could be expanded, but if adopted, I think could solve many/all the problems.


  folsom 20:56 26 Nov 2009

Very surprised that no one has responded to this sound suggestion.

  tullie 21:24 26 Nov 2009

You be the first then.To be honest,i have no problems with the site regarding jerking or slowness.

  LinH 21:34 26 Nov 2009


The mention of your action re disabling JavaScript had me thinking, hmmmmm - maybe.

Until I tried it on my Samsung Netbook.

The result? The PCA site is rejuvenated, pages load much more quickly and gone is the 'treacle' effect. And that's on a Netbook!

Also, agree with the rest of your post.


  skeletal 23:36 26 Nov 2009

Yes, I’ve been slightly surprised at the lack of interest in this thread myself. There have been a lot of postings on this subject recently, but at least I’m trying to come up with an idea to cure the problem rather than just criticise.

And yes, the increase in speed with JS disabled has to be seen to be believed and although my machine is not the latest in the block, it’s not that slow.

Each person will have their own “level” of irritation; I guess I’m around the middle. Perhaps, tullie, you are even further along the tolerance scale! I definitely won’t abandon the site; I’ve been enjoying it for many years now, but I won’t be switching JS back on for a while either.


  Mr Mistoffelees 07:54 27 Nov 2009

A bit slow getting to this thread here but, just tried it myself. Pages load instantly.

A fine suggestion!

  mr simon 11:06 27 Nov 2009

If this site didn't use Javascripts then I would have no problem disabling Ad-Block for this site. Using the page load timer in another recent thread shows an ridiculous difference between load times on this site with it enabled and disabled.

  Wilham 11:13 27 Nov 2009

Splendid. I hadn't realised Javascript was independent of Java. Thanks!

  skeletal 15:14 27 Nov 2009

I’m pleased that my ramblings with regard to JS are helping people (yes, Java Script is different from Java, although I do not profess to be an expert in either!). However, it does mean “those” adverts will disappear.

Most will understand the need for advertising for this site (many discussions in all the other threads), hence the conflict discussed in my first post. So, imagine the speed of loading that you are now enjoying AND still keeping the adverts plus links etc.

Which is why I made the suggestions in the first post.

Reading other threads, the PCA team do seem to be saying they are looking into it (I’m absolutely convinced they don’t do things to deliberately annoy people!), so perhaps they are considering something along those lines.


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