Thor : The Dark World.

  rdave13 21:14 10 May 2014

Any fans of Dr. Who should have a 'gander' at this film. It is simply in the format of 'Who' and I thoroughly enjoyed this fantasy film.

It has it all, including slight innuendos, good graphics and a shite plot. A great combination for 112 minutes of pure entertainment.

Thread aimed at fourm member, as I know he has a weakness for Dr. Who.

It's a shame that Elisabeth Clara Heath-Sladen wasn't the leading actress as that would have made the film perfect.

Well worth watching in my humble opinion.

  martd7 21:32 10 May 2014

rdave 13

Agree wholeheartedly,watched it few weeks back,i wouldnt say "a shite plot",but its an all action fantasy film,roll on Avengers assemble 2

  Aitchbee 21:38 10 May 2014

Thanks, rdave13; 'good graphics and a shite plot' if dished out, with a sprinkling of humour and a dash of double-entendres, will not do a film's takings any harm, at-all-at-all.

  martd7 21:39 10 May 2014

You may want to see how the sfx were done here

click here

  rdave13 22:00 10 May 2014

Made $644.8 million worldwide. That's a lot of money, and thanks for the link mart7. Still say it's a shite plot but totally entertaining.

  kad292 09:31 11 May 2014

Love to see a critic actually do what they criticize.

This Thor part 2 is much better than the first but recently went to see Captain America and found it fantastic.Slew of sci-fi movies coming out with Avengers topping the list,Godzilla may be a no no.

  rdave13 09:40 11 May 2014

I didn't know it was a sequel so possibly that's why I enjoyed it. The Guardian critic certainly slates it.

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