Thomas Cook, Could this be the end of them.?

  Autoschediastic 11:10 08 Jun 2009
  justme 11:15 08 Jun 2009

It is more likely that someone will snap up the 52% shareholding from Arcandor as Thomas Cook is (I believe) a profitable business.

  user8 11:28 08 Jun 2009

The Queen Song - Another one bites the dust, springs to mind!

  interzone55 15:13 08 Jun 2009

This is what happens when businesses use debt to finance acquisitions.

They have problems enough paying off the interest, then the brown stuff hits the fan when they need to pay off the capital.

Some day we'll learn, hopefully...

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:27 08 Jun 2009

'This is what happens when businesses use debt to finance acquisitions'....I would be keeping an eye on Debenhams then ;-)


  Forum Editor 19:10 08 Jun 2009

a Thomas Cook spokeswoman said the travel company was "completely ring-fenced" from Arcandor.

  octal 19:18 08 Jun 2009

That's an interesting comment to throw in the air, if Arcandor own 52% of Thomas Cook, how exactly is that being ring-fenced?

  Forum Editor 19:32 08 Jun 2009

Thomas Cook generates around 60% of the Arcandor revenues, and under normal circumstances Arcandor would do anything rather than sell its stake in TC.

Unfortunately it may not be left with a choice, it may be forced to sell to turn the shareholding into cash.

  Autoschediastic 20:44 08 Jun 2009

FE so whats your oppinion on this.? will TC fold or not.?

  laurie53 21:49 08 Jun 2009

I really must keep up to date.

I thought Thomas Cook was still UK state owned!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 22:09 08 Jun 2009

Travel companies are not the best buy in the market at the moment and TC is in for a hard time. If I were employed by TC I would be somewhat concerned.....


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