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Thomas Cook appears to be on its way out.

  Al94 23:18 22 Sep 2019

Reading the reports today I have just looked at Flight Radar from which it appears that all Thomas Cook planes are heading in the one direction tonight - home! I suspect there will be an announcement in the morning.

  Al94 23:33 22 Sep 2019

Appears the Independent have jumped the gun! Administrators appointed

  Quickbeam 06:01 23 Sep 2019

Did they return empty?

  Govan1x 11:33 23 Sep 2019

Government bail out might have been helpful but to be fair Thomas Cook has been struggling for years.

Now apart from flight prices rising after brexit and now a shortage of flights available to book. I think we can expect a lot of holidays maybe done in the UK in the future. Not a bad thing for our UK resorts.

Just wonder how much it is going to cost to get all the travelers back home. And of course if they cant move them quickly the users of Thomas Cook will have to pay for hotel bills etc if they extend their stay.

Those that fly independently will of course have to pay their own way back home.

Another airline going bust is all we need.

  Menzie 11:35 23 Sep 2019

Officially announced this morning, it looks like it will take about 2 weeks to get those already abroad home.

  Al94 12:08 23 Sep 2019

Most will return to UK on their original scheduled date although not necessarily to the same airport but will then be bussed.

  john bunyan 14:24 23 Sep 2019

Taxpayer cost of repatriating people about £100 million. ABTA will pay more. Even if the Government had found the £200 million needed, with a debt burden of £1.6 billion, more and more would be needed. The cost of servicing the debt alone made it impossible to save. Very sad day for staff, holidaymakers and creditors. Laker, Dan, Monarch and others show how tight are the travel industry margins

  canarieslover 15:43 23 Sep 2019

When booking a holiday they want your whole balance paid three months in advance and I suppose they probably pay their creditors six weeks in arrears so they should have had a good working cash flow. Had to be really poor management to lose that much working capital. If I hadn't had a row with my wife a couple of weeks ago I might have been fighting for my money back. Booked with Jet2 instead, hopefully they are safe.

  john bunyan 16:13 23 Sep 2019

If I hadn't had a row with my wife a couple of weeks ago

Hope you've thanked her !!!

  Pine Man 16:16 23 Sep 2019

Laker, Dan, Monarch and others show how tight are the travel industry margins

I was working at Gatwick Airport in the early 70s when Court Line/Clarksons/Horizon all went bust together. Ironically Laker Airways were used to repatriate stranded holiday makers and they eventually failed themselves.

It was following this big crash that the ATOL/CAA rescue fund was set up - thank god!

  Menzie 16:41 23 Sep 2019

Booked with Jet2 instead.

Currently there is a backlash against them and another popular low-cost carrier regarding prices going up after TC when bust.

No financial woes however that I can see.

I came close to being stranded when I visited the UK this year. The airline I was thinking of taking folded the day of my return ticket. Thankfully I went with my usual preferred airline even though it cost more money.

Modern air travel is bad enough currently without worrying how to get home on top of it all.

Sad to hear that Thomas Cook will be disappearing.

These days international travel has changed. Things like Air BnB and low-cost airlines have all taken away from the popularity of package holidays.

Now a flight abroad consists of the cheapest airline available at the time, an Uber ride for getting to the accomodation, and an Air BnB booking for the stay.

Package holidays are a tad too... rigid for the TV on demand generation.

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