The things you do

  thospot 08:23 08 Dec 2006

Isn't it funny the things you do without thinking?.

Making a cup of tea for my wife just now I did not know if there was enough water in the kettle to fill the cup and being half asleep I started to pour out the water a bit slower hoping that it would fill the cup a bit more.

Can I blame it on my age?....

  rezeeg 09:30 08 Dec 2006

I don't think so thospot. Recently my son emptied his dinner leftovers into the dishwasher and put the plate into the bin!!!

  thospot 10:16 08 Dec 2006


I wonder what he was thinking about?.

You can laugh now but I don't suppose it was funny for the person who had to clean out the dishwasher

  Apron 10:28 08 Dec 2006

Run to post box, post doorkey, carry letter back home.

  mammak 10:54 08 Dec 2006

What I spent an hour or more doing last night beggers believe,I had to scan my partners Taxi licence cards for insurance purposes but a blank page kept coming up you know the way you uninstall, reinstall and pull great clumps of hair out ect
untill something went click and remembered I had put a blank sheet of paper in for a back ground and I was putting the taxi cards on top so it was only scanning the blank sheet lol what a fool I felt.

  thospot 11:19 08 Dec 2006


I can understand the 'uninstall reinstall' bit but the pull great clumps of hair out bit I have no understanding of.... I lost nearly all mine years ago....

  thospot 11:22 08 Dec 2006


Have you really done that?.. I find that very funny...

Did you have to wait for the post man to empty the post box?

  Apron 13:05 08 Dec 2006

Run down to postbox, post keys, carry letters home.

  Apron 13:10 08 Dec 2006

I've only just worked out your name.
Called nearest keyholder, had lunch in the pub while waiting. Mein host sent a message to the village PO and hey presto. Felt very foolish though.

  thospot 13:34 08 Dec 2006

Why do you say, I've only just worked out your name?...

  facepaint 13:54 08 Dec 2006

I spent many years walking from one room in the house to another and then stop and ask myself 'what was I going to do'!

I'm past that stage in life
Got responsibilities now.

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