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Things you can't put into your bin ... where do they go?

  Aitchbee 14:30 06 Feb 2014

I have noticed that many ... mostly electrical products, have a little LOGO of a garbage-wheelie-bin printed on them ... there'e a big X superimposed on the bin logo which indicates to me that these items should not be put in the household bin along with other rubbish.

Can anybody give me a pointer as to where these unwanted/broken items should go.

  oresome 15:10 06 Feb 2014

Local Councils usually have sites where you can take almost anything for disposal.

Ours has something like 20 different skips or areas and the on-site employees will help you segregate the rubbish to the correct place.

One area is dedicated to old TVs and other electrical items, another old paint, another old engine oil, another wood etc. etc.

  namtas 16:14 06 Feb 2014

Lots of information and advice, Google it.

  spuds 16:19 06 Feb 2014

Whatever you do, do not allow someone offering to dispose of the item, unless they are registered to do so.

If they fly-tip or dispose of the item in an incorrect or not the approved manner, then you would be liable for a possible heavy fine, and the extra cost of approved disposal or clean-up.

  Quickbeam 16:20 06 Feb 2014

The borrowers deal with them.

  lotvic 17:27 06 Feb 2014

I put my waste electrical items on the drive with a note: 'Please Take' I don't know if it is the Fairys or the Scrapman, but they've usually disappeared within a couple of days. I suppose it helps that the Scrapman lives at bottom of next road so keeps the neighbourhood clear.

Got caught out 3 weeks ago with old washing machine, it was near my back door - not on drive otherside of gates where I usually put items - and didn't have the 'Please Take' note on, but it still disappeared - luckily it was for the scrap but it might not have been. I have no idea if scrapman took it or it got pinched :)

  oresome 17:40 06 Feb 2014

Leave it outside long enough and it will be recycled as the car owner found out.

click here

  BT 17:41 06 Feb 2014

There's a chap with a truck drives around here occasionally and will usually take most things away. He always knocks and asks if he can take it (as long as its visible). He took away an old Microwave recently.

Our local council recycling centre takes most things, and often have a WEE (Waste Electrical Equipment) event in local areas (parks, carparks, etc) where you can take almost anything electrical.

  wee eddie 19:23 06 Feb 2014

Need to recycle these new light bulbs as well

  Aitchbee 18:48 07 Feb 2014

... unless you're Monsieur Mangetout!

  morddwyd 19:52 07 Feb 2014

"the nearest recycle place is 4 miles away. "

4 miles?

You obviously live in a major conurbation!

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