The things some people do for fun

  Forum Editor 18:41 08 Sep 2018

I had to go to Mansfield, near Nottingham today and I took the train from London. I got a cab outside Mansfield station and the driver was the chatty type.

Over the course of a fifteen minute ride, he told me what he and his mates did last weekend.

After work on the Friday, they drove from Mansfield to Brighton, where they had a good night out and a late meal. They stayed in a B&B and got up the next morning to find the weather a bit murky, so they decided to try Bournemouth.

Another night out and a B&B and on Sunday morning they drove to London, and spent the day seeing the sites. A third night out that evening, and a third B&B.

Up at 4:30 on Monday morning, and off up the M1 back to Mansfield. They were all at work by 9:00 am, showered, changed, breakfasted and ready for the day.

I felt exhausted just listening to it all.

  Cymro. 09:57 09 Sep 2018

The sort of thing the youngsters get up to I suppose. You need the money and the energy for this sort of thing.

  Forum Editor 10:18 09 Sep 2018

I don't think I ever had the energy for at sort of thing.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:43 09 Sep 2018

Used to do that sort of thing 40 yrs ago - first train to London, pubs and site seeing, last train home.

About 5 hrs "out with the lads" every six weeks, is my limit now ;0)

  MJS WARLORD 12:28 09 Sep 2018

Hi FE what you experienced really winds me up , you bump into a person you not seen for a long time , they spend the next 15 minutes bragging about "their life" , eventually they look at their watch and say "oh god is that the time , must dash" , followed by the person shouting from a distance " nice meeting you"

I think to myself it may have been nice for you but not for me , I don't remember speaking.

Lets hope we don't meet again for another 5 years.

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