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The things people do for their employer!

  Diemmess 16:18 15 Oct 2004

Seeing a thread currently running about possible recall (in USA) of Dell powerleads, I was talking to a friend who at one time was a safety engineer with Rank Xerox at Mitcheldean.

Finding a significant number of faulty power leads to their photocopiers Rank were faced with a possible service visit to some 10M customers world wide. The American system where it is posible to plug in either way round meant that a tiny risk of a short which didn't reach a badly made crimp connection to earth, faced them with a colossal bill.

Mike told me that he did some research and came up with a controlled experiment (safety team standing by) where he connected live and earth to two small plates.

At "Go", he slapped his hand down on both plates at once. Then the expected (and required by safety legislation) RCCB trip cut the current in so many nanoseconds!

Though he felt the shock it was a very small one, and the upshot was that his firm were saved millions by deciding to defer any replacements to be priority at the next service visit.

  Diemmess 16:58 16 Oct 2004

It was quite a long time ago when Health & Safety at Work was only a political dream.

Mike has been a keen radio ham for yonks and is not unaware of the risks and how to minimse them. He only slapped his hand across the electrodes and proved that this brief contact was enough to trip the circuit.

Mozarella ........ No he was not officially rewarded though at the time everyone was keen to work for Ranks as part of a team.

Long before this, he survived a near fatal accident at home due to criminally negligent wiring of a consumer distribution board, by a qualified electrician, but that's another story.

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