Things just keep getting better

  Kevscar1 18:46 10 Dec 2009

Following my Now I'm angry thread
Went to pain clinic this afternoon. Got to have operation under sedation once a week for 5 weeks to insert a blocker, Acupuncture, Tens Treatment and Hand Therapy which I have to start tomorrow. Then they should be able to do operation to break and reset.
Two simple Carpel Tunnel Operations have turned into a total 9 operations.
Oh and as a final bit of good news the waitng time for the first operation is 18 weeks.

  peter99co 19:16 10 Dec 2009

You must never lose your sense of humour.

I always remember that there are lots of people who are worse off than me.

Good Luck with the future and look forward to a Happy New Year.

  morddwyd 20:30 10 Dec 2009

Agree with peter99co.

I always try to remember that there are many in the local Maggie's Centre who would willingly swap places.

I too hope that thins are better for you next year.

  sunnystaines 07:51 11 Dec 2009

wish you well with your treatment hope all goes ok for you.

  Kevscar1 13:42 11 Dec 2009

I keep reminding myself there are others worse off.
Unfortunatley having been in pain constantly for 6 months, most nights only sleeping 2 - 4hrs it,s increasingly difficult to retain a sense of humour

  bri-an 15:40 11 Dec 2009

Yet five minutes after this post you made a very funny response with "There's mortar this than meets the eye", in the 'art' thread - so there's hope for retention of your sense of humour yet.

  john bunyan 16:03 11 Dec 2009

My wife has been prescribed with "Fentenyl" patches - they are a morphine based patch that releases a continuous dose. Doctors are loath to prescribe them but it may be worth asking at the pain clinic to see if they would let you have them. I am not a medical person so in no way do I suggest you do anything except ask an expert about them; I know this is not a site for diagnosis. Hope you get treatment soon.

  PalaeoBill 17:55 11 Dec 2009

I have been attending yoga and pilates classes to help deal with arthritis pain. The codeine and diazepan that I was taking turned me into a space cadet. I know my arthritis is not in the same league as carpel pain but yoga may help you all the same.
I approached the 'breathing out the pain' part of yoga with a great deal of scepticism but I have to admit it really does help. I take much a much lower (over the counter) dosage of codeine now and stopped the diazepan some months ago.

  Kevscar1 18:45 11 Dec 2009

Not on any medication. Every time I take a new type of painkiler the first one works after that even though I go up to triple doses they have no effect.
Thats how the hand broke. Local antisetic worked on the left hand, when they did the second it had no effect. I was writhing in pain throughout the operation. At one point I was bent up with just my heels and back of the head touchuing the table. I must have tried to wrench my hand away and it broke against the lead clamp.
Thats why I am so worried about the 5 ops. Sedation might work the first time but it,s not going to the other ones.

  Paddylad 20:24 11 Dec 2009

Good luck friend and hope you can look forward to a pain free life soon.

  Kevscar1 11:20 17 Dec 2009

Went back to hand therapy last Friday. Thought I might get an apology for their mistake. Some hope still trying to say it,s an old injury despite me telling them never hurt hand before.
Had to go to Doctor this morning, he checked my records and is going to do a letter to confirm never injured hand before.
It's ridiculous that I have to do this to prove I'm not a liar so I will make an official complaint when this is over.

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