Things that frighten us, such as speech-making etc.

  Bing.alau 20:45 05 Aug 2012

I just found out that the FE is frightened of being labelled a "Kindle nut". I don't think he was serious, but there are things in life that frighten us. With me it's having to make a speech even though I have done it a few times during my life. There are other things of course. I've also just been reading about Brumas's brother-in-law being bitten/stung by an unknown assailant. I know people who are terrified of ordinary garden spiders, I even know one person who is terrified of cats.

Is there anyone on here who has an unusual phobia?

  morddwyd 21:11 05 Aug 2012

I'm still scared of the dark, and I also have a morbid dread of Christmas (Sorry, Peter). I;'m not talking about not liking it, but a total dread which starts about September, and builds up as it approaches.

In my younger days I would be suicidal, and in the Forces would frequently volunteer for Christmas duty, so that I could lock myself away rather than having to go home and face it with the family.

It's just about under control mow

I once knew a farmer's wife who was terrified of chickens.

When she had to go for the eggs she used to poke the hens off with a broom so that she didn't have to go near them

  Aitchbee 21:18 05 Aug 2012

I get an irrational momentary fearful 'shiver' every time I walk into the main entrance to my flat...fearing that something is going to fall on my a 'ton on bricks'. Strangely...leaving the front entrance and walking thru' the swing-gate is a somewhat pleasant experience.

  Aitchbee 21:33 05 Aug 2012

...possibly by saying this to 'the world' might have cured me of this phobic thought.

  Forum Editor 22:38 05 Aug 2012

Apart from being labeled a Kindle nut I have a bit of a phobia where leeches are concerned. I once had a very unpleasant encounter with a giant leech in Sri Lanka, and it left me with an abiding fear of the things. Like all phobias it seems odd to a lot of people, but it's there,

Let's change the subject.

  Flak999 23:01 05 Aug 2012

I can relate to the leech phobia! I particularly dislike garden slugs. Quite apart from the damage they do to my bedding plants, I find them a quite disgusting and pointless part of the evolutionary tree!

Oh, and religious zealots, of whatever sect!

  Macscouse 00:05 06 Aug 2012

The Long Haired One terrifies me!!

  Snec 01:09 06 Aug 2012

In my teens a group of us were in a boat just a few hundred metres out at sea when someone threw an item belonging to a young lady overboard. In my youthful quest to be the hero and impress, I flopped over the side to retrieve said item. The day was gloriously hot but the water was icy cold, so cold that it completely took my breath away and I struggled to get back on the boat.

Two weeks later a friend and I were walking into the sea with a girl each on our shoulders. I walked into a hole but the girl, and the others too, thought I'd gone down on my knees fooling about so she was hanging on to my ears while I was thrashing about all but drowning.

I have a morbid fear of water and I'm rather fearful of boats.

  carver 08:14 06 Aug 2012

Have to admit to a phobia about slugs, snails I can cope with but those other nasty things make me shiver.

But I do have a Brother in law who is petrified of dogs and the dogs know it, he can't even bring himself to stroke a dog and I've seen really good mannered dogs try to bite him.

  Cymro. 11:02 06 Aug 2012

Like many things in life phobias are never as bad as you think they are going to be. Mind you on the other hand the good things in life are never quite as good as you think they are going to be. With me it is the large animals in this world that get me in a panic. Things like a bull I once came across on a footpath, or the very large dogs of the rottweiler kind. As for speech making, well it is something I don`t like but have found that if I give the matter as little forethought as possible and just go for it with an apology about how very little experience I have of speaking in public then my efforts go down much better than if I had a planed speech ready in advance.

  Woolwell 12:18 06 Aug 2012

In my experience small dogs are more "snappy" than large dogs. Dogs sense fear and it makes them nervous especially if the frightened person starts waving their arms about or moves suddenly. As a dog owner you should be ready if you meet a person who is afraid of dogs and keep the dog under control. An experienced dog owner can pick up the signs quickly and will know how their dog is likely to respond.

I'm not too keen on heights and especially balconies. Yet am quite happy to fly.

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