Thieves target the blue parking badges

  TOPCAT® 13:53 18 Feb 2007

I wondered in the past on how long it would take before this happened in big cities and elsewhere. With ever increasing parking costs and, especially in London's case where congestion charges have mounted and the covered area widened, it is obviously a very lucrative business now for the criminal.

The sad point about all this, apart from the inconvenience of loss of the badge to a genuine user, is the wanton, wilful damage that is done to his or her vehicle. TC.

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  spuds 15:33 18 Feb 2007

This is nothing new, its been happening for years. Approx 8/10 years ago disabled persons badges and clocks were being sold for £25/£50.

The same applies to abuse of the 'privilege' (its not a right). Most disabled badge holders use the facility quite correctly, but you still get the 'family and friends' situation, which can be very difficult to detect.Even when found abusing the system, the authorities are reluctant to pursue the matter in most cases.

  Python33 16:01 18 Feb 2007

the design of the badges has not really changed that much. surely in this day of technology they could design a new tamper proof/ genuine user id badge? & enforce the law against fraudulent use.

  PurplePenny 16:07 18 Feb 2007

Mum's badge has just been stolen. She hadn't left it on display (she was at home) so it has to be someone who knew it was there. (They also took my brother's GPS which he had only just got (2nd hand). It too was hidden and hadn't yet been stuck on the window so no tell tale sucker marks.)

  TOPCAT® 16:24 18 Feb 2007

on to such an extent, spuds, but have heard about the abuse of the system for quite a few years now. I fervently hope that no badge holder gets assaulted in a theft attempt, but I fear I may be already too late on that these days. TC.

  Zero G 17:10 18 Feb 2007

I know of a friend of my Mums who has one, but can still go walking or bowl.
Some councils give them out like sweets.
It is so abused here in London.

  WhiteTruckMan 17:10 18 Feb 2007

by adding an extra character (or some other form of mark) to the numberplate at the time of the plates manufacture for the disabled users main vehicle, to be displayed instead of the badge. Not perfect, but less prone to theft, maybe, as nowadays you cant just get extra plates run up willy nilly.


  lixdexik 17:26 18 Feb 2007

That the badge is for, it's for the disabled person riding in the vechicle. My dad has a badge and takes it with him whenever he is being driven, so that his driver can park in the disabled bays. as long as he is being driven in the vehicle then thats ok.

Cheers Lixdexik.

  spuds 17:43 18 Feb 2007


"assaulted in a theft attempt". Could perhaps bring a timely reminder to anyone who uses a disabled badge. Never ever display the photograph on the disabled badge, keep this hidden away, unless requested by someone in authority for inspection purposes. Display the written details only ie name of person and issuing authority.


It wouldn't work, to many problems associated with that idea. Change of vehicle, disabled person becoming bedridden, death or moving to another town. In some cases a 'carers' vehicle can be used.

Zero G

There are many 'illnesses' that can warrant the issue of a disabled badge facility for people able to work and bowl (angina for one).


The only major changes that have really taken place, is the colour, old orange to new blue.Plus a few more regulations.

Apologies to TOPCAT for taking over the thread ;o)

  Python33 17:48 18 Feb 2007

thats exactly what i mean, so why hasn't it become more techno' so it eliminates the problems. ie the main reason for the thread. opened by TOPCAT®?

  WhiteTruckMan 18:26 18 Feb 2007

of the limitations of my idea, and I did say it wasnt perfect, But I was talking about the main usage vehicle of/for the disabled person. Sure, there would be a charge payable by someone for new plates for a change of (main) vehicle, but that isnt going to happen too often. Existing blue badges to be retained for use in temporary vehicles. I am aware there are flaws with this idea. Anyone got a better one?


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