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They Say That For Climate Change

  Menzie 18:10 11 Aug 2019

Switching to a Plant Based Diet. Would help the fight. This seems to be the in thing now with many restaurants offering plant based items on their menus.

The BBC have an article here on the subject.

Meat production they say heavily affects the environment and switching to a Plant based diet instead will assist in changing things for the better.

Would you be willing to go plant based in the near future?

  Menzie 13:18 12 Aug 2019

I was having a discussion with my Vegan cousin about meat. He argued that meat essentially has no flavour. He challenged me to eat some steak or chicken without any seasoning or condiments.

I argued that meat did have flavour and the point of seasoning was to tailor the taste to your requirements.

  Pine Man 13:47 12 Aug 2019

'He challenged me to eat some steak or chicken without any seasoning or condiments.'

Last night I had chicken roasted in the oven. Nothing was added to it during the cooking and nothing was added after it other than my usual vegetables (chips and a pea or two).

Very tasty indeed. The only thing that had the potential to spoil it was the further addition of green, white or orange vegetables.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:34 12 Aug 2019

If meat has no flavour then how do we tell the difference between beef pork lamb and chicken?

  Forum Editor 16:17 13 Aug 2019

"If meat has no flavour then how do we tell the difference between beef pork lamb and chicken?"

We do it with with our eyes and noses. Together with about a dozen other people I once took part in a series of tests organised by a food research team. To cut a long story short, we were given different meat products in various guises, and we had to say whether we were eating Beef, pork, lamb or chicken.

The thing was, the food items were all the same shape, and all exactly the same colour and texture. We also had to wear those scuba diving clips on our noses when we did the tasting. Needless to say, none of us had a clue as to which was which, although we occasionally got one item right by guessing.

It's pretty well known that if we see a piece of chicken on a plate our brains get ready to taste chicken, and so on.

It works with vegetables too - we were given half a dozen little plates with small mounds of white stuff that were placed in front of us under special lights. They all looked exactly like mashed potato. We had to taste them and say which one was peas. We all picked one out, and at the end of the test we were told that none of the samples was peas. When the special lighting was turned off we saw that the mounds varied slightly in colour. The one I said tasted like peas was in fact parsnip.

To a very large extent we 'taste' food with our eyes and noses. It's something that we have evolved as a protection - it tells us that if something looks and smells bad, it will probably taste bad as well.

  Menzie 23:59 26 Aug 2019

KFC has now joined in, they will be testing the waters with Beyond Meat Plant Based Fried Chicken.

I don't think that's what the Colonel had in mind when he came up with the secret blend of herbs and spices.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:16 27 Aug 2019

Humans are omnivores not herbivores

  Old Deuteronomy 12:27 27 Aug 2019

All these proposed "solutions" aimed at reducing global warming completely fail to address the real source of the problem, that there are far too many humans on this planet. Short of adopting, worldwide, a policy like that seen in Logan's Run or, rigidly enforced birth controls, it is the one thing we can't address. Birth controls don't seem to have worked well in China...

  Menzie 13:07 27 Aug 2019

There are too many people in concentrated areas rather than spread out evenly.

I remember growing up in the UK my town had loads of green open areas. Now all the open areas have been replaced by high rise buildings.

There was also a time you'd go into the town centre and it was a ghost town. Now there is no such time, it is crowded all the time. Going there on a Saturday at around 1pm is a no-no. You'll spend the vast majority of your time trying not to bump into someone.

Also Public Transport isn't seen as a good thing, having a car has become a status symbol. We rely on electricity more than ever driving power plants to produce more and our food system requires lots of land. Yet the actual food is discarded in the tons when stock can't be shifted or we don't eat what we have in time and must throw it out.

There are also thousands of planes in the sky burning tons of fuel each day. Gone are the seaside holidays now, a kid that spent the summer somewhere like in Great Yarmouth, would be laughed at by the rest of their classmates who jetted off to Spain, etc.

There is so much things now that has contributed to climate change. We'd have to (in my opinion) change our lifestyle and way of thinking for any significant change to happen.

  Dunk 13:47 27 Aug 2019


I'm astonished by your town been more crowded, I thought town centres, in general, were fighting to survive out of town super-stores.

I would understand if you were saying the Malls were more crowded. But town centres?

I've seen many towns reduced to charity shops and bookmakers in their high streets.

  Old Deuteronomy 14:07 27 Aug 2019

Menzie, the problems you list are caused by the shear number of humans, rather than their distribution. Even if population was more evening spread, people would still be drawn to the major employment and retail centres.

The real problem is simple, we have been much too successful and are now present in such huge numbers, that the planet can no longer cope with us.

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