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They Say That For Climate Change

  Menzie 18:10 11 Aug 2019

Switching to a Plant Based Diet. Would help the fight. This seems to be the in thing now with many restaurants offering plant based items on their menus.

The BBC have an article here on the subject.

Meat production they say heavily affects the environment and switching to a Plant based diet instead will assist in changing things for the better.

Would you be willing to go plant based in the near future?

  Quickbeam 18:51 11 Aug 2019

The animals are fine on a plant based diet.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:22 11 Aug 2019

Quickbeam tell that to our cat :0)

I'm with Belatucadrus on this one.

  Quickbeam 20:24 11 Aug 2019

I meant the animals in our food chain they all eat grass!

  Menzie 20:49 11 Aug 2019

I have several family members that have stopped eating meat. They enjoy reminding you how unhealthy it is at family gatherings.

I have tried some of their stuff and while it was nice I do enjoy a nice roasted chicken personally. A world without chicken isn't a world I want to be in.

  Menzie 22:16 11 Aug 2019

Looks like Burger King now has one of the beef-like veggie burgers on the menu.

Oddly with all this happening McDonald's seem to be avoiding this route and sticking with what they currently offer.

  Forum Editor 22:28 11 Aug 2019

I don't know about a purely plant-based diet, but over the past two or three years my wife and i have drifted away from eating meat, and we now eat fish and vegetables with the occasional bit of chicken.

Red meat doesn't figure in our diet now. It hasn't been a conscious decision, but we are unlikely to change back. According to the supermarkets, meat consumption has fallen quite dramatically.

  Pine Man 08:17 12 Aug 2019

As long as I can remember I have hated vegetables and as a kid I was forced to eat them.

The only vegetables that now grace my dinner plate are peas, sweetcorn and potatoes. I'm not that fussed about the peas really and the sweetcorn has to have salad cream on it!

I happily eat any sort of meat, pasta dishes, oriental/asian foods and fish.

  simplyweekend 08:43 12 Aug 2019

I would and am actually in the process. It's not easy switching because you not only switch meat for other proteins but you switch your whole routine, eating habits and even "pleasure". But still think it's worth it, it's the least I can do for our planet.

  Menzie 13:18 12 Aug 2019

I was having a discussion with my Vegan cousin about meat. He argued that meat essentially has no flavour. He challenged me to eat some steak or chicken without any seasoning or condiments.

I argued that meat did have flavour and the point of seasoning was to tailor the taste to your requirements.

  Pine Man 13:47 12 Aug 2019

'He challenged me to eat some steak or chicken without any seasoning or condiments.'

Last night I had chicken roasted in the oven. Nothing was added to it during the cooking and nothing was added after it other than my usual vegetables (chips and a pea or two).

Very tasty indeed. The only thing that had the potential to spoil it was the further addition of green, white or orange vegetables.

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