They have list - a little list....................

  jack 10:34 31 Jan 2010

And I am on it OOOher what shall I do?

I have a notice adjacent to the door bell that reads
" We do not deal at the door- to utility switchers, Home makeovers or
Purveyors or Salvation.

Most of thew time it works, though some times an itinerant will park his 4x4 truck near by and ring the bell to wanting to know if the giant Leylandii he see up my garden needs to come down- I have to direct him then to the next street- it is more than 6 gardens up the back of mine.
Chancing it or perhaps has not learned to read yet?

However yesterday morning the bell rang, and through the glass I could see two female silhouettes- opening door the lead lady[her buddy standing well back]said ' We have read your notice'
We Are Jehovah's Witnesses- Can I put this on our list?
'If you like I said' closing the door
Now what have I done I speculated during the day.
Will they in the Kingdom Hall near by be sticking pins the image of this House?

  jack 11:09 31 Jan 2010

I think that's the sort of list you're on.

How do they know that I am not already'Saved' but nor in their way?
I recall going into an Internet Cafe'/Copyshop
The young lady behind the counter immediately starting on they wonderful ways of Jesus etc.
Do I wear the badge of an unbeliever?
All I wanted then was a photocopy or two.

  wiz-king 16:09 31 Jan 2010

Perhaps they felt your collar and it wasn't stiff or white enough.

  BT 17:32 31 Jan 2010

I have no time for Jehovas Witnesses, and have a leaflet that I hand to them.

"Here are some signs that you might be dealing with a cult that has hidden agendas:

Personal worship to one single living person.

Money is involved.

The practice is more focused on missionary work than spiritual guidance.

You are asked to part with your friends or family.

They have the only true answer and if only the whole world would see...

Their world view is radically different from what people normally perceive.

Criticisms or scepticism is frowned upon.

You feel pressured into doing more work or to pay more.

If you recognize any of these signs you might want to consider if your practice is really helping you or just making you feel bad inside.

Remember a spiritual journey should lead you on the way to happiness, if not it might be because you are heading in the wrong direction."

As to the sign on the door this is what mine looks like. Its right next to the doobell but still they ignore it most ofthe time.
click here

Some of the dumbos who knock just don't understand I think, or they just can't read.
A young bloke the other week said "I'm not trying to sell anything I just want to give you quotes for Double glazing"
So I said, "If you are giving quotes surely you must be trying to sell it otherwise why bother, apart from the fact that I have all the double glazing I need, I already have a Conservatory, and I don't need a new Garage door"

  GJC60 20:11 31 Jan 2010

If they cal just say your late for your devil worshipping club usally works for me.

  morddwyd 10:03 01 Feb 2010

Two methods, depending on your mood.

Tell them you're in the middle of arranging a funeral and are a bit distressed.

Tell them you're trying for a baby and your wife has just told you that she is now at her ideal time.

  jack 10:37 01 Feb 2010

Your notice is very posh much better than my humble effort.

I have taken the liberty of printing it off on my new colour laser and am now waiting for the laminator to warm up

I assume you do not have any objection to this.

  BT 16:50 01 Feb 2010

You're welcome!

I'm only too pleased you can make use of it. I've already made several for other people.

I knocked it up in the Free version of Serif Page Plus from
click here

  BT 16:54 01 Feb 2010

Might get away with number one, but I somehow think they may not believe the second one.

  spuds 19:28 01 Feb 2010

We have a very large notice on our main door,explaining fully what we do not want, and that list covers most things. But it still doesn't stop people telling us that they are not selling something, or that they have noticed the sign - But!.

Only the other day, I suggested to a caller that they must be well educated for their job, but it was a pity that they hadn't grasp the art of reading, as part of their education module. The caller was very put-out, but no as much as I was :O(

  peter99co 19:53 01 Feb 2010

Your sign is very good and prints well. Thank You.

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