These pipes are not designed to carry bras. . . .

  benjiboots 22:08 19 Jun 2007

Having just moved 400 miles from Cumbria to Kent, in the middle of a massive thunderstorm - reduced to a dialup internet connection while my broadband catches up with me, I found this article rather amusing, if somewhat timely to load!

click here

If you know the owner of the offending underwear, I suggest you keep it stum!

  [email protected] 22:46 19 Jun 2007

although not directly related....
i have moved many many times....
and as a fellow cumbrian hope you settle in
when you first move; it can be quite a lonely but exciting experience ...all the best after your move

  WhiteTruckMan 22:52 19 Jun 2007

I used to work for a company that manufactured sewer survey equipment and one thing I learned about sewer collapses was they were measured in an unofficial scale called the DDB factor. Simply put: How many double decker buses could you fit into the hole.


  Kev.Ifty 22:57 19 Jun 2007

Good luck in your new home!

I suppose someone is bound to make a joke about the subject of your post, 'red rag to bull syndrome'. lol

I was just thinking, that big hole caused by the illegal dumping of underwear, is surely a crime scene. Are the Police looking into it?


  Blackhat 23:10 19 Jun 2007

So it wasn't a boob tube.

  Kev.Ifty 23:15 19 Jun 2007

Not bad Blackhat. ;-)

The fact the this was a double D and there are all those people trying to workout who owns it.

Does that qualify it as the World biggest 'Wonder Bra'?

  Ranger 01:14 20 Jun 2007

Kev.Ifty yer right, it is a crime and seemingly the local Booby is keeping abreast of things chest in case it happens again and is hoping that whoever did it has lost all support.

On a similair note to the original post about things put down the loo, I remember many years ago in my first job I worked in the warehouse of a shop that the stockroom was in the cellars below offices that had lot's of woman working in it (Kays Catologue) anyway i'm in the place a couple of weeks and we have a rather large sewage pipe that is blocked, plumbers called, he's working away at the inspection chamber of the pipe while lying on the top of the racking, i'm storing boxes on the racks below, all of a sudden he comes flying of the top rack like the dogs of hell are after him and shouts "move" I go eh!, next minute a tsunami of waste comes flying out the inspection chamber of the pipe, i'm not fast enough and get covered in all sorts, had to go home and get bathed and changed,it wasn't a pleasant journey for me or any of the passengers on the bus I can tell you, I was stinking.

Seemingly this was a commom occurence and happened quite a lot, what used to happen was the some of the woman in the offices would put sanitary towels etc. down the loos and they would sometimes catch at the bends in the pipes and cause a blockage, nobody thought to tell me this and so I was caught out, i'll tell you what, I was never caught out again.

  benjiboots 08:11 20 Jun 2007

Well the storm's passed, the sun is shining - I still have to wait 20 odd days for my broadband connection to catch up with me . . .Got the latest copy of PCA magazine and in it, it says something about how we don't think about our ISP's until something goes wrong. I guess it's the same with sewers - we take them for granted until a blockage occurs and then suddenly all hell breaks loose and someone has to sort it out. Somewhere along the line, it's all connected - I'm just thankful that I'm not one of those people that has to go around unblocking sewer pipes - give me a problematic ISP anyday !!

  Cymro. 10:49 20 Jun 2007

There was the time we ran out of toilet paper in our house so we used paper kitchen towels

the kind you see advertised on telly and are suppose to absorb more watter than other such

paper towels. All seemed to go well enough until the drains became completely blocked.

When the man came round with his rods to sort it out he found it was the paper towels that

had caused the problem. Apparently they do absorb more water and so blocked the drains.

So beware if you ever run out of toilet paper don`t use paper towels as they will block your toilet.

  Stuartli 13:16 20 Jun 2007

At the risk of being pedantic, if toilet rolls didn't dissolve/disintegrate easily when wet, then every toilet in the country would be blocked.

Try mopping up spilled water with toilet paper and see what happens...:-)

  Cymro. 13:37 20 Jun 2007

Toilet rolls do dissolve/disintegrate easily when wet, it is kitchen paper towels that

don`t and so block up the toilet. Try moping up with kitchen roll and see what happens.

Have you not seen the advert on telly with all those little elephants inside the kitchen roll?

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