Thermostatic Heating - cold rooms

  Cara2 22:36 04 Nov 2011

New boiler - am new to Thermostatic heating.

My problem is that when the room which has the thermostat attains the desired temp, the boiler ceases to fire up. That's fine .. however, we have rooms which are naturally cooler, in particular a conservatory - and that room has not necessarily attained the required temp. I think the bathroom will be another one which won't always be warm enough based on the thermostat situated in the front room.

Most of the other radiators have TRV's.

Is there a solution to this?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:49 04 Nov 2011

thermostat situated in the front room

Wrong place for it.

Really should be in the hallway near front door (cool spot)

  Forum Editor 23:10 04 Nov 2011

Fruit Bat /\0/\ has provided your answer.

A fixed thermostat should be reading from a cool spot, so it will call for heat. You can then adjust the temperature in the other rooms using the TRVs.

Wireless thermostats are becoming increasingly popular. These transmit to a base station that in turn fires the boiler. This type of thermostat can be sited anywhere in the house, as long as the base station can receive the signal, but again it needs to be where the ambient temperature will generally be cooler.

The advantage of this type of thermostat is that it doesn't need wiring - you can carry it around anywhere. The base station can usually utilise the wiring that runs from the boiler to the existing room-stat,so it's easy to fit.

  Graham* 23:12 04 Nov 2011

You need a remote wireless roomstat such as this Then you can take the remote wherever you are.

But check around, I got one off eBay and it's a little unpredictable.

  Cara2 23:45 04 Nov 2011

Okay ... we don't have a hallway. We did consider having the thermostat in the conservatory, but as you would no doubt advise me this is not the place to situate it as it is subject to influence from the sun in all areas.

But ... it has made us consider to try leaving the door open to the conservatory/front room so the cooler air will affect the thermostat and hopefully get it to fire up.

Must say, I am demented at the moment trying to find my way around the thermostat controls .. grrr. I think I will have to get the technician back.

Thanks for replies. Most helpful.

  Forum Editor 23:54 04 Nov 2011

In an ideal world your room-stat will be wherever the house is likely to be cooler. The principal behind that is so the stat will call for heat more often than if it was sited in one of the warmer rooms.

Calling for heat means that the boiler will fire, provided the programmer is in one of its 'On' modes. The temperature in the individual rooms can be adjusted to suit your requirements by using the TRVs. The room-stat will obviously continue to fire the boiler until the temperature at its location reaches the one you set. There should be no TRV on the radiator in the area where the stat is sited.

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