Thermostat set too high before it will click on

  Arei 22:04 17 Feb 2018

Hi, Can anyone help. I just got my boiler serviced and have noticed my thermostat in my hall which is a dial that goes from 0-30 won’t click on until it’s at 23. I am in a council flat and when I moved in years ago this it was higher and when I waited u til the next service I got the guy to change the setting to come on at a lower heat like 17/18 therefore of it was really cold I could keep it on constantly at a low heat coming on and off especially if I’m at work to stop any pipes freezing but also I turn it down to 19 at night as it gets too warm. Now it won’t click on until it’s at least 23 again!! I can’t afford to have it running at this temperature constantly and on the thermostat you have to wait until you hear a click before the boiler kicks in. I did not see the man going near the hall thermostat so I am wondering if it is something on the boiler. It’s a pretty new boiler put in 5 years ago a logic combi 30. If anyone has any idea I would be grateful. I am going to get back in touch on Monday to see what has happened but I cannot relax now. Going to cost more at this rate and it’s too warm to be burning at that temperature after an hour I’m sweltered and then it cools down and as it won’t kick in at 19 I have to lose the heat. Just not economic at all. Thank you for any help.

  Forum Editor 22:51 17 Feb 2018

The thermostat will call the boiler for heat when the ambient temperature in the vicinity of the thermostat drops below the temperature you set. Most people set the thermostat at around 20 degrees in the winter months.

When you rotate the dial, the thermostat will click when it is at the ambient temperature - if that is say, 15 degrees, that is when you'll hear the click.

If your thermostat fails to turn on until the temperature on the dial is 23, even though the ambient temperature is much lower, then the thermostat may be faulty. Try leaving it set to 15 degrees for a while, and see if it cycles the boiler on and off.

  Arei 23:18 17 Feb 2018

Thank you for your reply, this is the problem it doesn’t turn on at all until it’s at 22. I did have it previously set at around 18 which is when I heard the click. I have had this like this for years and now it’s changed to 22 after this service. If I turn the thermostat one degree lower I will hear the click meaning it’s knocked the boiler off in a way so that it won’t come on if the temperature inside drops. I don’t think it’s the thermostat as it was working that very day until the man was at my boiler. So like you said when you rotate the dial you hear a click well I don’t hear that click until it’s at 22 which to me is too high. I should be able to heat my house at a lower temperature but I can’t now after whatever he has done. I know this can be altered as it’s how I had it! Very frustrating especially when you have to take time off work to sort it and I have had friends when they tried to get it changed they wouldn’t change it. I don’t know if there are callibration settings he may have changed on the boiler? But everything is underneath no settings for thermostat on the front just radiator and water dials. Don’t know what he did but he did something.

  oresome 10:07 18 Feb 2018

You can check the thermostat against a thermometer positioned close by.

The old style thermostats can be fairly inaccurate and the accuracy can be disturbed further by how they are screwed to the wall. If the surface they are fixed to is not completely flat, it can distort the device and alter the accuracy.

  Arei 10:59 18 Feb 2018

It’s attached to a flat wall it hasn’t moved and it was working before he did the service. I had to turn he heat on meaning turn it to a degree for the heating to come on which st the time could have been 23 so I don’t know whilst it was at this degree and he was working st the boiler has that automatic set it to that? I’m not sure. I understand what your saying about it not being accurate but no matter the temperature I have still lost a few degrees. I cannot turn my heating down below 22 it just does not kick in. So even if another gauge was reading a lower temp well I id I wanted it lower than that I cannot have it.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:06 18 Feb 2018

when you rotate the dial you hear a click well I don’t hear that click until it’s at 22 which to me is too high.

are you turning to clockwise or anticlockwise?

If turning clockwise and it clicks that means it is switching on at 22 degrees, the current temperature in the flat.

If turning anticlockwise then it is switch off at 22 degrees.

If you like it cooler just set it to 18 degrees and wait for the temperature to drop in the flat.

Combi boilers will switch on and off for hot water and will also switch on for short sessions to bring the water temp in the boiler up this is normal

  Old Deuteronomy 11:14 18 Feb 2018

You say you live in a council property, so phone the council on Monday and they will send someone round to fix or replace the thermostat.

  Arei 11:41 18 Feb 2018

When I turn it clockwise it clicks at about 22 which I get that’s it kicking in to heat up to that degree and if it drops it would kick In again. Prob is if I turn it anti clockwise I hear a click (nearly as if it’s turned off) and it won’t kick in any lower than that. I did have this problem in the beginning and the guy came out and sorted it so the click would happen at a lower temp. This man did close some sort of loop he said it’s supposed to be capped off or something so I don’t know if that has had an effect on the temperature. Basically my heating will not kick in at 20 degrees. So I can’t have a low level of heat constantly like at night going to bed. Doesn’t seem right. Can’t understand why this has changed directly after a service when it had been working fine for years. And I used to just turn it anti clockwise below the click when I went to work because I knew it wouldn’t kick in again.

  Cymro. 11:44 18 Feb 2018

It sounds like you have the same sort of thermostat we have and to be honest they are not much good. There are newer more accurate thermostats the sort that show a readout on a digital display. I don't suppose the council will run to the newer more expensive kind. We have had several of the sort you have replaced over the years and none of them are much good. I even bought a thermometer and placed it near the thermostat so as to check it out but then I can't be sure just how accurate the thermometer is. So either you buy and get fitted a better thermostat or just do as I did and stop worrying about it.

  Arei 11:57 18 Feb 2018

Thanks for the reply. Yes might have to buy a better thermostat as long as it can override the old one and allow me to have a lower level of heat I will be happy. I just can’t understand how it can be fine one minute and after a service he changed some sort of setting. Thank you for the replies.

  wee eddie 12:27 18 Feb 2018

It seems to me that, if it was working before the Service and not working after the Service.

You should get hold of the Service Agent

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