Thermostat does not click.

  Bobingrg 10:44 31 Dec 2014

I am pretty new to these things. I always turn my central heating on and off using the thermostat and I presume that is the right way. Since last night, the thermostat stooped clicking. Central heating is working but I can neither change the temperature nor turn it off using the thermostat. Any advice please! Your help will be hugely appreciated. Thank you.

  Pine Man 11:07 31 Dec 2014

Your heating should be turned on and off automatically by the programmer not by manually using thermostat control.

It maybe that continual manual use of the thermostat as an on/off switch has damaged it.

  hastelloy 11:13 31 Dec 2014

Agree with Pine Man.

My heating is switched on all day but is controlled by the thermostat - when the house is warm it switches off. Thermostats are not sturdy enough to be constantly used as switches.

  spuds 11:27 31 Dec 2014

Like others have mentioned, we also leave our central heating thermostats to do the job they were intended for, with hardly any human input.

Sounds like the thermostat that you keep using as an on/off switch is damaged and possibly requires replacing. All our radiator thermostat's were change a year or so ago, and the main room thermostat was changed for a wireless unit, that can be moved around the house.

If you are capable of changing or replacing the thermostat's yourself, then look at Toolstation click here or Screwfix click here for samples and prices, plus opening times. YouTube might even offer further help and advice in video form, should you wish to look further into this.

  bumpkin 12:57 31 Dec 2014

I agree with the other comments. I would think that you need a new one, basic ones are cheap enough and easy to change. Power switched off of course.

  bumpkin 20:15 31 Dec 2014

If you run it all day then the thermostat should switch it on and off as required. If you switch it off manually then the heating system will still have to compensate for the heat loss during the off period when you switch it back on again. That is what it is designed for if you require a constant comfortable temperature. I doubt you will save much money at all by manual switching.

  namtas 21:21 31 Dec 2014

Dont agree with some of the comments, my stat is set for 17 deg, I leave it like that most of the time during the day but when I feel it needs it I turn it up to 18 or 19 deg, Have been doing this for 20 years and no problem. We do have a wood burner on in the evening so boiler is never called for. I do agree that if you cannot hear the stat clicking it is either made all the time and therefore calling all the time, or it has failed and will require replacing.

  bumpkin 22:27 31 Dec 2014

namtas, what is it that you do not agree with.

  bumpkin 22:28 31 Dec 2014

namtas, what is it that you do not agree with.

  namtas 09:27 01 Jan 2015

The clue is in my post. Switching a stat off and on doesn't usually break it.

  hastelloy 09:45 01 Jan 2015


Obviously depends on the quality of the thermostat but they are not designed as manual switches.


"I would like nothing better than to be able to run my central heating all day or all day and all night but unfortunately we can't afford to. We have to watch what we use. if we are going out for the day the heating does not get turned on till we get back."

If the thermostat is set correctly it will not run all day. When you get back after a day out the system has to work hard to reheat the whole building instead of keeping it warm - false economy.

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