There's spammers, phishers....& now slammers

  GaT7 23:00 26 Sep 2006

OK, 'slamming' isn't Internet-related like the other two but worrying nevertheless...from click here:

"BT is reporting that people have returned home from their summer holiday to find two letters on the mat. One from a company they haven't heard of saying thanks for choosing them for telephone service and one from them saying we're sorry to be losing you.

This practice, known as 'slamming', where people are unknowingly switched to other suppliers, has generated over 44,000 complaints this summer. BT says the total number of cases reported has now risen to over 450,000 over the last two years......"

Similar story at click here.

On one occasion I was switched electricity supplier without my knowledge (which fortunately I was able to rectify quickly) but didn't think they'd even dare or was possible with telephones! G

  Cymro. 10:38 27 Sep 2006

There must surely be some way that someone somewhere can put a stop to such things. I wonder what the new supplier would say if you just refused to pay the bill. He is after all providing a service that you never ordered or wanted? I don`t suppose it would be as easy as that, but there must be some way of turning this against the new provider.

  josie mayhem 19:07 27 Sep 2006

Several month ago I had toucan ringing me several times a day, and on one day kept ringing me back after I put the phone down... I explained to them no I didn't want to change, and they kept on telling me that I will 'you will benefit from (what ever deal they were offer) and I would be saving xxxx amount'

In the end I explained to them (hoping that I was being recorded for training purposes) if they tried to send any phone bill to my house, it wouldn't be paid, because I had a contract with BT, and that is the only phone bill I would pay...

I then phoned BT, explained what was happening, they checked that nothing has change on my account, and then but a marker on it, that it wasn't to be changed unless I personlly phoned them myself to give permission...

  lisa02 19:15 27 Sep 2006

My dad had a several calls from toucan? (it sounded like that but I'm not sure). He couldn't get them off the phone...

I took it from him and said "No we don't want any services from you, GOODBYE" ended the call.

They rang straight back, I said goodbye. ended the call.

They instanlty called again and carried on their blurb. So I listened this time and then said "oh I can't we are contracted with NTL - just signed this month".

They hung up!

  Cymro. 17:48 28 Sep 2006

Try telling them that you are expecting B.T. to cut you off any day for not paying your bill. No I don`t suppose that would work, but there must be some such way to put a stop the them, preferably a way that aggravates them as much as they aggravate us.

  Pidder 18:24 28 Sep 2006

Telephone Preference Service to stop nuisance calls?

  Cymro. 18:56 28 Sep 2006

I think that BT have something similar. Don`t remember what it is called. I think you get it automatically when you ask for caller display or some such service. Try the BT customer info. line.

  GaT7 19:10 28 Sep 2006

I'm with the TPS & it works very well with BT (only??). I used to get a few marketing calls a week a few years ago, but ever since registering with the TPS I get 1-2 a year.

My neighbour's on NTL & gets 2-3 junk calls a day & is unable to stop them, so has decided to go back to BT. G

  Cymro. 19:16 28 Sep 2006

Sounds like good old B.T. for a change. I hardly ever get them any more. I assume that is as I am with B.T. and use this service of theirs to stop them.

  Pegasus. 01:09 30 Sep 2006

I wonder What would Happen If I used the the same Method of Stopping these Calls as was adviced (years ago)By a Police Officer to some Women that were the Victims of Obsene Phonecall?

He told them to Always have a Whistle next to the Phone & Blow it (Loudly!) next time they got an UnSolicited Call then replace the receiver!:-)

  Jak_1 08:00 30 Sep 2006

For persistent calls like that I keep a whistle next to the phone. When they call again they get a blast of the whistle, usually does the trick.

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