There's a new scam on the block.

  Forum Editor 08:22 19 Sep 2009

Just a heads up - BT has warned people about a phone scam with a twist.

click here for more information.

  Mike D 08:45 19 Sep 2009

THe cheek of some people!
Thanks for the heads up

  ened 09:42 19 Sep 2009

Thanks for the info.

It's amazing how many people don't know you can't cut off an incoming call.

  tein 10:50 19 Sep 2009

Dont matter for us lot here in HULL! we cant use any other company apart from click here

  Forum Editor 11:07 19 Sep 2009

It makes no difference - you're using a BT phone line to access your broadband service, and your phone calls come along BT lines, regardless.

  Forum Editor 13:13 19 Sep 2009

Perhaps I should have spelled it out more clearly.

Anyone who makes or receives a phone call to or from a Hull subscriber does so along BT lines - all Hull telephones are ultimately connected to the BT network via the exchange.

Therefore the fact that K-Com operates the Hull telecoms system makes absolutely no difference as far as this scam is concermed.

  johndrew 13:39 19 Sep 2009

And I bet that if you tried to get the callers` number it woulndn`t be available!! I wonder if BT have a way of identifying the source.

  Forum Editor 14:17 19 Sep 2009

BT knows which numbers were called, and from which number the calls originated. It knows when the calls were made, and what the duration was - all that information is stored for billing purposes.

What it doesn't know is who made the call.

  ronalddonald 14:49 19 Sep 2009

Should BT pas the info onto the Police and let them investigate. Why is it we cant hang incoming calls, we use to do in the all days, whats going on

  ronalddonald 14:52 19 Sep 2009

of thumb, just replace the receiver and leave there for 2 hours surely that should frustrate these scammers and never ever give them any details, of course you could wind them, up and say "you reached New Scotland Yard", stay where you are where tracing the call right now.

  Forum Editor 15:28 19 Sep 2009

Replacing the receiver does no good if you're the one receiving the call. Your phone will be out of action as long as the caller doesn't hang up.

Lying about being the Police also does no good.

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