There was a time

  Forum Editor 16:05 30 Oct 2004

when we used to send emails to people, asking them to put the green tick on threads that had been resolved. It wasn't that successful as a policy, and involved additional work at our end, so we discontinued the practice.

I have always felt that the number of times a person has posted is largely irrelevant - and smacks of a ranking system, which I would personally like to avoid at all costs. Everyone's equal here, and many's the time I've seen problems resolved by people who have hardly any posting history - they just happened to know the answer. I think those forums which have ranking systems are incredibly naff - why on earth call someone "God" simply because he/she has posted a thousand times or so? It's the quality of posting that's important, not the quantity.

As for the number of responses in a thread - we already have that information, in the right-hand column of the thread lists in each forum area. The number of times a thread has been viewed is largely irrelevant I would have thought - it's the responses that are important.

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