There should be compulsory eye tests for over 50's

  Quiller. 18:00 30 Dec 2012

who hold a driving licence. They should be tested every 5 years till they are 60 and then ever 2 years till 70. Then ever year.

How many do you see with their face pushed right up to the windscreen.

  Woolwell 18:15 30 Dec 2012

Age is not entirely relevant I know under 40's with worse eyesight than over 50's. "How many do you see with their face pushed right up to the windscreen." - very few if any. I do see drivers of all ages who have not got their seats adjusted correctly.

  Bing.alau 18:22 30 Dec 2012

I'm 83 and I agree, I still drive and with glasses I can see as good as anybody. Without them I can see as good as most. But as Woolwell says age is not the qualifying factor in whether you can see properly. Many drivers I know are well under 50 and don't even realise they can't see properly. I've been in cars with young people and asked them to read the number plate of the vehicle in front, and some of them can't even read it at about ten feet. I think all drivers should be tested every few years irrespective of age.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:37 30 Dec 2012

Its a free country nothing should be compulsory

However I agree ALL drivers should be retested every few years on their ability to drive safely, (cat among pigeons here I think) not just on their ability to see.

How many times have you seen people look when crossing the road and still walk out infront of a vehicle or look wat you approaching a junction and still pull out. People can look without seeing.

Not sure where you get the over 50s from as only mention two people in there 80s

  spuds 20:03 30 Dec 2012

Some people flatly refuse to admit that they have failing eyesight, and that includes both young and old.

The emergency services have regular eye tests for the people approved to drive for them, using simulators. Perhaps this idea should become more available. Now there's one for Tesco or Asda to get in on the act?.

Regarding "with their face pushed right up to the windscreen", I have only seen this once, and that was very recently. but it may have been due to the sun shining in that person's direction.

  Aitchbee 22:33 30 Dec 2012

I reckon, with the fairly recent upsurgence / plethora of smart phones and 'tablets', and therefore, the deterioration of the eyesight of our nation's yoof, an opthalmic 'tinged' study/degree might be a potentially lucrative course of study ;o]

  WhiteTruckMan 22:45 30 Dec 2012

Perhaps you should go the whole hog and require everyone to meet the medical (including eye tests) standard of HGV drivers.

But failing that, maybe it should be an MOT requirement that the inside of the windscreen be spotlessly clean. At least that should ensure they get cleaned once a year, unlike some I have seen!


  Woolwell 22:50 30 Dec 2012

Aitchbee - How do you manage to link the use of smartphones and tablets to deterioration of eyesight?

  Quickbeam 22:57 30 Dec 2012

I'd blame that on the proliferation of easy online porn...

  BT 08:46 31 Dec 2012

I think the reason many people don't go for eye tests is because of the cost of the resulting glasses.

There are lots of places that offer free tests for everyone, Tescos opticians for instance, but they tend to push the 'Designer' frames to compensate. They do have lower priced frames available but tend to avoid them. Having said that you can get quite good deals. My wife had two pairs of Titanium frames with reading and distance lenses for £99 all in. I had 2 pairs with Varifocal lenses (extra cost) one pair with Reactolite (extra cost) and anti reflection coating on both (extra cost), but even this only came in at £270. I've paid this for just one pair in the past at an independent optician.

There are vouchers available for some people on certain benefits and if you think you may be eligible you should look into this.

The other benefit of getting an eye test is that certain illnesses can be detected, and if you have cataracts forming you now need to referred by an Optician, your doctor will no longer do this. Cataracts form slowly and you won't normally realise until they are well advanced and your eyesight affected. Its amazing how good everything looks when they have been removed, its life changing.

  hastelloy 09:33 31 Dec 2012

What there should be is compulsory advanced DRIVING tests for everybody every 3 years.

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