Is there a plumber in the house?

  jack 13:53 02 Jun 2007

Strange question you may think, but we do have among us Journalists,Medics,Truck drivers, Ex sailors[I'm one]Postmen I could go on
So Is there a corgi register plumber I could conbfer with -on or off list- for technical advice.

  spuds 14:40 02 Jun 2007

Perhaps not the answer that you are looking for, but Screwfix click here have a good forum for individual trades.

  jack 14:55 02 Jun 2007

Thank you spuds will visit
I seem to remember you extolling the virtues of ScrewFix before- have you an affinity for a screw or two ;-)

  Bingalau 16:39 02 Jun 2007

I think you should re-phrase that Jack.

  VoG II 16:47 02 Jun 2007

You could try click here but they won't be there until Monday.

  Pamy 16:55 02 Jun 2007

In the mean time why not confer with this forum?

At least you would see how knowledgable we are to the proffesional.

  pj123 17:05 02 Jun 2007

I have two good friends who are plumbers and a nephew who is a self employed Corgi Registered Plumber/Gas fitter.

Tell me what you need to know and I will ask them for you?

  WhiteTruckMan 17:14 02 Jun 2007

can be had on these forums about gas appliances

click here

But dont go messing around with the gas installation itself. Maybe your problem lies with an ancilliary?


  Stuartli 17:15 02 Jun 2007

One of my neighbours is a registered Corgi plumber - I wouldn't let him anywhere near anything that uses gas in my household...:-)

In fact the plumber I use if it is necessary lives about four miles away and really does know his stuff.

  jack 18:00 02 Jun 2007

I think you should re-phrase that Jack
Why is that Bingalau?
Was I rude or something?
Thank you for all the tips- will delve.
Meanwhile Pamy said why not tell you all
OK here goes
The appliance is a Britony instant water heater
'turn a tap anywhere in the house and instant hot water
Not very old and serviced annually.
Now here is the puzzlement. As I said turn a tap -ouch
But run a shower and cold water until a basin or bath hot tap is turned on - then it fires up.
In the Kitchen- run the washing machine- machine needs a hot fill- the water flows but the heater will fire up until a sink hot tap is opened- then
it fires up.
It was serviced about 3 months ago and all was well then.
So I simply would like to get a handle on the problem- if indeed there is one before yet another mortgage for the plumbers fees.

  Pamy 18:12 02 Jun 2007


No seriously, I have a similar system and sometimes if I only turn on a slow flow from any tap or shower, it runs cold It will require an enginer to get into the program and reset it

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