Is there a PCA Forum Addiction Clinic?

  [DELETED] 16:19 04 Mar 2006

This is getting real bad. I sit on the PCA Forum all day every day. Just going round all the Forum's one after another. I have lot's of other things that need to be done but I just say to myself "I'll do it tomorrow" but tomorrow never comes. I found it easy to give up smoking, which I did in October 2004.

  anskyber 16:27 04 Mar 2006

If you find the Clinic will you book me in please. I know I need treatment because I exhibit the same symptoms as you and they become more acute when I find that the original poster of any thread seems to vapourise after several people have tried to help. I need counselling!

  watchful 16:27 04 Mar 2006

a matter of time:0)

You seem to have it real bad PJ.

  [DELETED] 16:28 04 Mar 2006

a forum for pca addiction could be set up on here that way you would still be on here, lol.
If you had the willpower to give up smoking then surely you can set yourself a time limit on here.

  [DELETED] 16:59 04 Mar 2006

stalion, doesn't work like that. Giving up smoking just meant not buying anything to do with tobacco. My PC is still here and able to access anywhere in the world on the internet. I have a few favourites (PCA being first on the list). I also maintain 9 websites for others, but they only need updating about once a year.

I have about 120 Beta tapes that I am trying to transfer to DVD. So far I have done 5 but as it takes so long it doesn't get done very often.

  Forum Editor 17:10 04 Mar 2006

Abandon yourself to your fate, sure in the knowledge that you aren't the only one by a long chalk.

I'm certainly not going to embarrass anyone by disclosing personal information, but I can see when people are active on the forum, and believe me, there are plenty like you.

  spuds 17:33 04 Mar 2006

pj123-- Get yourself a new screen-saver, something about far away places, nice beaches, superb food and climate. That may change your addiction :o)

  [DELETED] 17:53 04 Mar 2006

you can't mean me I only come on here everyday.

  [DELETED] 18:00 04 Mar 2006

There seems to be an ....Anonymous for just about evry other kind of addiction. Maybe someone will start up a 12 step programme just for us.

Step 1:
"We admitted we were powerless over the forum and that our computing lives had become unmanageable".

(Before anyone shouts at me, I mean this as a bit of fun, with no negative feelings towards any 12 step programs nor members thereof).

  [DELETED] 18:01 04 Mar 2006

Quoting the FE "there are plenty like you." - and I know because I'm one of them!

  Forum Editor 18:06 04 Mar 2006

in ten minutes. Just post a thread calling me all the names under the sun (Like you do to your wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend/partner when I'm not listening) and I'll rid you of both your thread and your addiction in two quick clicks of my mouse.

One click for the thread and another for your membership deletion.

Absolutely no charge whatsoever.

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