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Is there no way to stop Trump acting as dictator

  john bunyan 07:51 14 Feb 2020

Is there no way to stop Trump interfering in court cases? His tweets are surely obstruction of justice? Having survived an impeachment he is acting more like a dictator. Even his Attorney is fed up with it.


Sorry for spelling

  Quickbeam 07:59 14 Feb 2020

I'm more worried about Rasputin Cummings acting as an unelected, but self over promoted dictator here!

  Dunk 08:56 14 Feb 2020


Absolutely correct, and we left the EU because of THEIR "unelected bureaucrats'??

  john bunyan 09:16 14 Feb 2020

Agreed; at least so far we are not inundated wit his tweets.

  qwbos 12:50 14 Feb 2020

Alastair Campbell Mk2 ?

  john bunyan 13:07 14 Feb 2020

Or Seamus Milne Mark 1. They all seem to have a Svengali figure, except Trump , who ignores everyone- doesn’t even read briefs- gets information from Fox News whom he trusts more than the CIA

  Quickbeam 15:06 14 Feb 2020

Then why doesn't the CIA infiltrate Fox news...?

  john bunyan 15:58 14 Feb 2020

Maybe they have. Wouldn’t be the first time:

Op. Mockingbird

  Dunk 18:07 14 Feb 2020

What, I wonder, has Cummings got on Boris?

It must be something pretty substantial to get rid of a Chancellor of the Exchequer. Worrying for the future.

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