Is there hope for me?

  knockin on 17:35 02 May 2010

I am enjoying watching the snooker final with Ausie Neil Robertson playing Scotsman Graham Dott.

During the break, I left the TV long enough to Google "Scot Dott Com"

What's that all about?
What is more, I was disappointed when it returned no matching result.

Also, why am I allowed no sharp objects in here?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:48 02 May 2010



  bremner 17:50 02 May 2010

You have answered that in your preceding sentences!!!!!


  justme 17:51 02 May 2010

You could of course try spelling the man's name correctly. It is Graeme Dott.

  bri-an 18:03 02 May 2010

"Also, why am I allowed no sharp objects in here?"

They used to tell me it was to prevent me damaging the padded walls. (;-)

.com , nice one!! Made me smile, anyway.

  rdave13 18:17 02 May 2010

Do you also like Lady GaGa? ;)

  knockin on 19:10 02 May 2010

Good to see misery and pedantic cobblers are still trying to overcome light hearted nonsense.

you are probably right... it will need explaining to some.

Very like her - she's my twin

  canarieslover 19:32 02 May 2010

Are you Quickbeam's brother???

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