"Up There With Churchill"

  hssutton 10:50 01 Oct 2008

Cherie Blair has said her husband will be regarded in the same league as wartime Prime Minister Winston Churchill

Is the women a raving "Looney"? Or maybe you will agree with her. click here

  canarieslover 10:59 01 Oct 2008

Screaming Lord Sutch would probably be a better comparison. I think thats where Cherie got her political grounding at one of his concerts.

  birdface 11:25 01 Oct 2008

Tony Blair was a good prime minister but you cannot put him in the same league as Winston Churchill.One a PM in peace time and one a PM in war time I do not think you could compare both in the same category.May have been better than Michael Foot but nowhere as popular as Winston/C.

  wids001 11:46 01 Oct 2008

Tony Blair - Best Prime Minister this Country has had for as long as I can remember, and I remember Churchill as a maverick who changed sides on numerous occasions before being asked to form a government during the second world war. Once that was over the British people voted him out.

  Monoux 11:56 01 Oct 2008

buteman -- Peacetime ? Irag & Afghanistan

  spuds 12:18 01 Oct 2008

Well the interview was in Vanity Fair, wasn't it!.

  WhiteTruckMan 12:25 01 Oct 2008

churchill had his fair share of flaws. However I believe that they were far outweighed by his talents as a wartime leader.

I really truly do not believe the same can be said of Blair. And my opinion of his wife is even lower than that of heather mills!


  Mr Mistoffelees 14:14 01 Oct 2008

Good to see the lunatic fringe exists at all levels of society.

  €dstowe 14:18 01 Oct 2008

Almost as bad as the suggestion that Thatcher has a State Funeral.

  oldbeefer2 14:25 01 Oct 2008

I hope not - she's not dead yet!

  ened 14:25 01 Oct 2008

Whatever peoples personal political views most now agree that Margaret Thatcher did put this country on a positive course.

Indeed it could be argued that her policies resulted in the strong economy which Bliar/Brown inherited and then squandered.

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