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There are more smartphones than people in the UK

  Forum Editor 08:02 11 Aug 2016

and 59% of people say they are 'hooked' on their smartphones. Anyone who travels on aircraft will have noticed how the cabin lights up and resounds to a myriad of beeps and chirps on landing, as everyone desperately checks Twitter and Facebook after a few hours of deprivation. I make a point of turning my phone off when I am with friends at home, or when I meet people in restaurants. Anyone who wants to speak to me badly enough can leave a message, or ring me back later. I confess that I rely on my phone for emails and internet activities however, although I'm not a fan of social media.

One man decided to live without his, and his experience makes interesting reading.

What about you - are you a phone addict, is your smartphone an essential part of your life or could you do without it and go back to a plain old mobile that texts and makes/receives calls, but not much else?

  Forum Editor 17:16 16 Aug 2016


"Yes this does seem to be a generation thing"

It does, to a large extent, although 59% of people say they are 'hooked' on their smartphones. With just over 64% of the population in the 16 to 64 years age group I would think that there are a lot of late middle age people who love their phones.

Only 18% of the population is over 65 years old.

  daz60 19:05 16 Aug 2016

All i need a phone for is to make a call and send a text,the rest i do on my tablet.As a bus driver in the capital i am well aware of those who seem incapable of living without the "smartphone", even for a few seconds it seems,too often it is the last second hand signal to stop a bus or even a sudden jolt when someone realises a bus is at the stop,or worse,those who blithely walk on without looking where they are going.

Then there are those who are so oblivious to their surroundings because they are wrapped up on the phone listening to music or a conversation i am surprised there have not been more fatalities.

  Devil Fish 23:09 17 Aug 2016

I know what you mean their Belatucradas nearly flattened a gentleman on my push bike today big headphones on eyes down on phone and strayed into cycle path(and i dont usually hang around ) totally oblivious to what was going on around him fortunatly the brakes work well did have a few choice words to say when he finally arrived back in the real world.

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