There are another 145246 of you out there

  Sapins 12:59 02 Aug 2004

So come on, say something!!!!

This little corner is made for those of you who would just like to chip in, no one knows who you are, well a few know each other, so you don't have to worry about anything, just jump in, the waters fine :-))

  Sapins 17:27 02 Aug 2004

Hi jonnytub, Wes Tam ;-), and zootmo, don't know whether you are new or not but a big hello to you all. Isn't much point quoting the number of members is there, it just grows like topsy, was going to say Pinocchio but don't want to offend anyone:-)

I suppose we don't have to have a topic because just posting is loosely related to computers, this being a computer forum. LOL, so just write anything that takes your fancy, but look out for Gandalf he bites sometimes, well, more like a nibble really.<:-))



  Sapins 17:33 02 Aug 2004

Think I should have said our posts should be connected to computer related subjects, even if only loosely. :-((

  Forum Editor 19:02 02 Aug 2004

for themselves whether or not they say something here.

The idea is for us to discuss topics which are in some respect related to computing. We're seeing a gradual increase in forum traffic since we started this section which means that more people are reading the threads. Let's see how it develops, I would hate anyone to feel under any pressure.

We certainly don't want to see a proliferation of the one-liner "hello, I'm here too" threads.

  Forum Editor 22:31 02 Aug 2004

I didn't delete it because you weren't offering items for sale, or appealing for items from other people - neither of which we allow.

It sounds as if your giveaway went well, and I'm sure there are some grateful recipients out there.

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