Is there any rat in it...

  Seth Haniel 21:52 06 Dec 2009

Gets more like a Monty Python sketch every day. (latest celebrity jungle farce)

  zzzz999 06:40 07 Dec 2009

I suspect it was a shop bought rat

  Seth Haniel 10:00 07 Dec 2009

like the grubs and insects..

think killing it was a no no ;)

  spuds 20:01 07 Dec 2009

When times are extremely hard, and you are not sure where your next meal is coming from, you will eat anything. Remember these celebs were starving ;o(

  PalaeoBill 21:23 07 Dec 2009

This whole this is just utterly ridiculous.

click here!

We were told it happened. I watched the programme, I didn't see the rat being killed or any human being cruel to it and to my knowledge the event wasn't broadcast. Compare its treatment to the trauma that cattle undergo which often involves being driven hundreds of miles to an abattoir. There is no comparison. A very hungry professional chef dispatched the rat; i'm sure he did it very quickly and cleanly.

  john bunyan 09:41 08 Dec 2009

Will they prosecute Australian Army survival instructors for similar "offences"?
What about cruelty to cockroaches ?

  Seth Haniel 10:00 08 Dec 2009

Freddie Star on :)

  Pine Man 10:41 08 Dec 2009

.. the sentiments so far BUT the problem appears to be that it is illegal to kill animals for entertainment purposes in Australia. So if this was merely an entertainment stunt - no matter how humanely the rat was killed - it could still be illegal.

  JanetO 11:18 08 Dec 2009

What I find slightly distasteful is the Oz's are more concerned about a rat's welfare than the native Aboriginals.

  PalaeoBill 17:10 08 Dec 2009

If it had been a bush tucker trial, then yes I would agree it would have been for 'entertainment purposes'. It wasn't, they were hungry and they killed, cooked and ate it. As John Bunyan says, if it was a film about survival (or even scouting) it would have been fine.

  Seth Haniel 10:11 09 Dec 2009

Fair Dinkum...Possums

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