There is always some one who moans

  n47. 10:16 03 Jul 2011

Bt are installing thousands of new boxes to give customers a better BB connection. This lady objects as it blocks the view from her window. What about the trees and bushes in front of the box?

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  Quickbeam 11:09 03 Jul 2011

Sod her... progress overrides us all.

  Forum Editor 11:10 03 Jul 2011

"There is always some one who moans"

Thank goodness there is - the boxes are monstrosities. I refuse to believe that they couldn't have been designed in a way that would make them less of an eyesore.

We may well want superfast broadband all over the country, but surely not at the expense of our environment? There should be a compromise arrangement, something less intrusive.

  Pineman100 11:44 03 Jul 2011

My guess is that this is a cost issue. Yes, I'm sure the box could be designed to be less intrusive, but that could result in something more costly to make and - perhaps - more difficult for the engineer to use, thus adding to the ongoing costs of equipment installation and maintenance.

All of this would, of course, be reflected in the price we pay for broadband.

But if I were able to get a better broadband connection, I'd be happy to have one of these boxes in our road... long as it wasn't outside my house.


  Snec 11:44 03 Jul 2011

I agree that there is far too much moaning and worse.. being offended by this, that, and the next thing. But I'd moan about that thing if it were in front of my house. It's ugly.

I'm not an environmentalist in the 'green' sense but I do object to having the appearance of the environment changed for the worse. This box could so easily have been put underground.

  Forum Editor 11:46 03 Jul 2011

"This box could so easily have been put underground."

I very much doubt that. These boxes are power-cooled by fans, and are susceptible to water damage.

  Quickbeam 11:51 03 Jul 2011

I don't think easily is the right word to describe them to be placed underground.

Whenever I've seen inside one of these boxes, they're jam packed full of kit. So if we assume that the cubic volume is what is required for their purpose, the only other option is for them to be lower and wider, but then they'll always be another Luddite somewhere or another that wouldn't like the width...

  pavvi 11:53 03 Jul 2011

The thing that stuck out for me was the fact that her local council also objected but BT were able to over-rule them Something not quite right there. Why is a private company able to over-rule local authorities and why could BT not have informed the people in the street, especially the lady concerned who also ended up being without gas as they disconnected her gas supply without informing her.

  zzzz999 12:01 03 Jul 2011

Its no different to a cable or electric box and people have learned to live with them. Telephone boxes are twice as high and people love them.

  Forum Editor 12:02 03 Jul 2011


Caring about your local amenities doesn't make you a Luddite. 'Progress at any cost'is definitely not a mantra we should be adopting, especially when we can look back and see some of the horrific environmental eyesores inflicted on us by previous generations.

  Quickbeam 12:04 03 Jul 2011

‘Unfortunately Mrs Russell’s property was accidentally disconnected from the gas supply for a few hours while underground ducts were being laid.’

I don't think they plan in accidental service outages, happens.

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