their xmas generosity overwhelms me

  bumpkin 20:55 30 Nov 2018

From my daughters employer

We know how hard you work over the festive season to give our guests a cracking Christmas experience. As a thank you, we’d like you to enjoy a FREE PINT of either xxxxxxx or xxxxx Ale, between Monday 3rd and Friday 14th of December. it’s a great opportunity to try them for yourself – so you can also talk knowledgeably about them with our guests. For anyone who doesn't fancy a free pint, you can have a bottled Coca-Cola* instead.

  BT 09:39 01 Dec 2018

I think my FREE pint would end up over someones head !!.

Not long before I finished work (made redundant - couldn't wait) my Boss accused me of a serious misconduct. After a hearing I was found 'not guilty'. Another colleague was accused at the same time of a similar misconduct and was also found 'not guilty'. Shortly after this she (the Boss) organised an evening out at a local Hotel for the department which I refused to attend and was then told that as I wasn't going I could cover the department that night. It wasn't my rota'd shift and I refused.

We always thought that the accusations were an attempt to get us sacked before the redundancy to save on the redundancy payments, which would have saved the company around £100,000 between the two of us.

On my last shift (a night shift) my Boss phoned at 3 am to say goodbye and I told her what I thought of her. She got her just deserts however as apart from loosing her attempt to get me dismissed she also forget to issue my official written redundancy notice on the correct date and the company had to pay me an extra 3 months salary in lieu of notice.

  Cymro. 11:23 01 Dec 2018

BT the company had to pay me an extra 3 months salary in lieu of notice.

Take that as the silver lining as I assume you had to fight them for every penny

  KEITH 1955 12:30 01 Dec 2018

I would like to nominate my boss a No.1 scrooge.

The conveyor to the stores and upstairs offices is next to my work benches. Every xmas I see large tins of chocolates and sometimes packs of beer go up the conveyer belt never to be seen again. They all have compliments of xyz customer on them. Nothing ever gets sent down to the shop floor , we are only about 25 people downstairs. I once asked the stores person who puts them on the belt where they went to and she just said I don't know , yes I believe her.

I joined the company 12 years ago and for the first 2 years the boss put on food and booze in the reception area on the last working day. I drink whisky but was told spirits are for the office workers and cans are for shop floor , the company only had about 35 employees ( 25 on shop floor ) at the time so why such an us and them attitude.

Then about 10 years ago the recession kicked in and he heard people talking about going out for a meal. He suddenly announced that as your going out for a meal at the end of the week I don't think I need to put a buffet on for you !

So , for the last 10 years he has done nothing as a thankyou for the last 12 months hard work. More to the point , did you know " putting on a do " for your workforce is tax deductible.

  Quickbeam 15:18 01 Dec 2018

Has this subject been authorised yet...?

  KEITH 1955 15:25 01 Dec 2018

why would it need to be

  john bunyan 15:40 01 Dec 2018

The C / x word is usually embargoed until approved by the Silver Mouse,

  KEITH 1955 16:42 01 Dec 2018

ok john I did not know that

  wee eddie 18:13 01 Dec 2018

JB: You must consider content as well. This thread is about past Christmases.

My own opinion about Staff Parties is that if they have managed to put up with me for the whole year, they deserve a little spent on them.

In reality, I have believed that the cost of training new staff, fully justifies almost any amount I chose to spend on them

  john bunyan 18:31 01 Dec 2018

*wee eddie *

I was responding to QB comment of 15.18. Before retirement I used to like a little seasonal celebration with colleagues, with care over the breathalyser risk.

  canarieslover 20:36 01 Dec 2018

In all of my 48 working years I was never treated to a Christmas party by any of my employers, and never really expected one. Perhaps it was the industries I worked in where drinking was a sackable offence that prevented it. I went out with workmates for a Christmas drink in our own time, and at our own expense, but that was off the premises. I guess there is less chance of an accident in an office or retail premises but I wonder what their insurance company would say if anyone had one while having alcohol inside them. Your fault don't expect a payout. Obviously the employer in this case did not even consider the possible consequences.

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