Theft of DVLA log books

  peter99co 11:28 31 Jan 2010

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Very careful checks now required when buying second hand cars! They advise potential used-car buyers to check the documents' serial numbers against the missing batch. If it begins with 'BG' or 'BI' then be cautious and check it

  johndrew 12:45 31 Jan 2010

Well they are 'passports' for cars and those for humans are often 'lost' by Departments/Offices.

Unfortunately, whereas the carrier of a passport can be quizzed a car can`t. On the other hand a human can lie and deny but what shows up on a car can be used as evidence.

  jack 14:01 31 Jan 2010

Billions on IT- and a department still sends high security documents to the printers?

Would it not be more secure for this and other forms to be held as a template and have details merged -to be printed on high scurity paper in house?

  peter99co 14:04 31 Jan 2010

The police say they could be dealing with the impact of the blunder for over a century.

  jack 15:00 31 Jan 2010

The police say they could be dealing with the impact of the blunder for over a century.

  interzone55 15:59 31 Jan 2010

This kind of thing is bound to happen when government agencies contract the printing of stationary out to private companies.

High security documents like V5s, passports etc need to be treated like the coin of the realm and printed in-house, that way they're less likely to loose a batch of blanks...

  karmgord 16:22 31 Jan 2010

Why should the DVLA worry, after all it won't be them many thousands of pounds out of pocket as a result of their carelessness.
Don't forget everybody who received child tax credits,their details are still lost.

  BT 17:04 31 Jan 2010

From what I understood from the news item on BBC this morning there was a fault in the printing and they were supposed to have been destroyed but somehow were diverted. There was no mention of who prints them so for all we know they are printed 'In House'

Similar gaff when Magistrates personal details were recently sent to a HMP printing works for inclusion in a Magistrates directory!

  peter99co 20:23 31 Jan 2010

It might help if they told us what is faulty about the stolen forms. It must have been bad enough to decide on scrapping them (up to 130,000)in the first place.

Any clues?

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