Thanks NTL!!!

  pj123 16:25 25 Jun 2006

Don't know what Forum this should be on but as it is not a Help problem I will leave it here.

Since about Friday I have not had any Notification emails from Forum threads in my Inbox.

Just checking again now and they all seem to be in my Deleted Items folder???

Is NTL classing these as spam?

  spuds 17:34 25 Jun 2006

Ask NTL. Could all depend on the wording?.

  freaky 18:26 26 Jun 2006

Up until about a year ago I would get at least 50 spam emails per day via NTL Broadband, and also a lot of mail containing Virus's.

Once NTL started filtering the mail then this gradually improved. Now I get one or two spam's per day but no virus attachements. All my AVG has found is the ocasional Trojan.

I occasionally find that notification emails from PCA go to the deleted folder, together with others. But it is vast improvement compared with a year ago, so I am not complaining!

  pj123 20:42 26 Jun 2006

Thanks all.

Trying to talk to NTL is not a very good option these days.

Now check my deleted as well as inbox.

Not too much of a problem as my first port of call whenever logging in to the Forum is My Postings anyway.


  freaky 21:06 26 Jun 2006

Don't make the mistake I made - make sure that you have not enabled 'Remove deleted messages on exit' in Outlook Express !

  Legolas 18:55 27 Jun 2006

pj123 I an with NTL and the notifications come into my inbox as normal, you can do some settting up of rules etc on the NTL website might be worth having a look.

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