Text messages used on TV programs

  Pine Man 13:03 17 Mar 2018

Is it just me or are others getting a bit fed up with the rise in text messages being part of a TV drama?

My issue is that there aren't many dramas nowadays that do not involve someone reading a text message on their phone. You usually get a sight of it over a shoulder and in a split second it has gone! "What was that" my wife usually shouts and I have to rewind the program, stop it, get up and walk over to the TV and read it out loud. Luckily most of my TV programs have been pre-recorded.

For a while Holby City used to reproduce the phone screen larger at the side of the TV screen but that has stopped.

My TV isn't a small one and neither my wife nor I need glasses to watch TV. If the text message on the program is important to the plot it should be readable by ALL viewers.

Phew that's better!

  bumpkin 16:33 17 Mar 2018

It adds to the mystery like phone calls where you only hear one side I think is the idea.

  BT 09:18 18 Mar 2018

Have you also noticed that whenever anyone calls someone on a Mobile it almost always involves leaving a message. No-one hardly ever answers in contrast to real life when a call has to be answered instantly especially when driving!

  Forum Editor 18:47 18 Mar 2018

I watch a lot of Scandanavian dramas, and of course there's no problem with text messages - you get them in a sub-title.

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