Test your hearing

  Graham. 11:05 07 May 2011
  Graham. 11:08 07 May 2011

Try again (it had a www in it) Online hearing check

  Forum Editor 11:18 07 May 2011

I edited your opening post link, but regrettably it's a dead link - "The page you are linking to has moved or no longer exists".

  Woolwell 11:22 07 May 2011

It didn't work in IE9 but ok in Firefox

  Graham. 11:44 07 May 2011

All OK here (who said that?)

  Forum Editor 11:56 07 May 2011

I must be in the internet equivalent of the Bermuda triangle - I've tried the link in IE9, Opera, Firefox and Chrome, and although it takes me to the correct site, I get 'Page no longer exists' messages in all four browsers.

  Woolwell 12:01 07 May 2011
  hssutton 12:12 07 May 2011

All the links work for me using Firefox, my problem is I can only hear the first two sets of numbers :)

  Forum Editor 12:15 07 May 2011


Very strange. Your link takes me to exactly the same page, which contains the message "The page you are linking to has moved or no longer exists"

I'm investigating.

  Woolwell 12:39 07 May 2011


What happens if you copy and paste this:


  PILECAP 12:39 07 May 2011

Tried the test, and it was normal for my age (56). For curiosity, I did the test a second time and put age 40 in, and it was still normal. I have an annual hearing test at work but the test is different because it emits bleeps at varying volumes and frequencies, and that is normal.

Despite all this, my wife still insists I’m going deaf.

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