Tesco's new Self-Service Checkouts

  Jimmy14 17:56 03 Jun 2006

I noticed that in my local Tesco they have installed new Self Service checkouts where you use a touch screen computer and scan all your items then pay for them. It hasn't been programmed yet to pick up a local paper I was told from a checkout assistant but as I scanned the paper it came up as a error and guess what?

It's Windows Xp Professional installed on them because of the welcome screen and shutting down screen.

Has anyone else came across or used them yet?

  wolfie3000 18:20 03 Jun 2006

Yep in our local somerfield.

Never used it though i know enough about pc,s never to trust it lol.

Like most things it will remove the human element and will not work.

I prefer a human face and see people in work than these self service machines.

Didnt know it used windows xp i will have to check it out on my next shopping trip.

I wonder if we will see supermarket managers syddenly register to this forum to sort these machines out once they die on them lol.

  €dstowe 18:29 03 Jun 2006

I wonder if the WXP installed at each checkout is a fully paid up version?

There are some Sainsbury's stores with DIY hand held scanners which are then supposed to be taken to the special quick-pay checkouts but most of the times I've seen them they are avoided by most shoppers and those that do use them find that they are non-operational so they must use the normal queue with the plebs.

  VoG II 18:50 03 Jun 2006

Wairose have had Quick Check for several years now. This uses a handleld scanner to scan barcodes and it tots up your items and the bill as you go. In the early days there were items which wouldn't scan but I can't remember the last time this happened to me. When you're done you can either insert the scanner in a machine and pay with a debit or credit card or go to a special counter and deal with a human. Either way it saves unloading your trolley onto a conveyor at the till then repacking. I always use this for my weekly shop (I do the food shopping in our household) but not if I've just popped-in for a few bits and bobs. click here

  Jimmy14 18:53 03 Jun 2006

I have never heard of that supermarket chain before. Is it most popular in England because I'm up in Scotland

  AndySD 19:01 03 Jun 2006

Its been up and running in my local Tesco's for about a year now. Its simple to use and quick as long as your purchase isnt over £50

  oresome 19:20 03 Jun 2006

I tried it at Sainsburys when purchasing just a few items.

No problem scanning the goods and reaching a total.

The note recognition machine was a different matter. I tried the ten pound note four different ways to no avail and then smoothed the creases out and tried again, before at the seventh attempt it was accepted.

Since then, I've used a human operator who can give a smile and pass the time of day.......much friendlier.

  Jackcoms 19:55 03 Jun 2006
  martjc 21:09 03 Jun 2006

...Tesco and ASDA. Must say though, some of them at Tesco keep on crashing! That said, I do prefer to use them than other tills. But then, I often just get a few items.

  rmcqua 22:57 03 Jun 2006

Our local "Stop and Shop" supermarket in Massachusetts had this system in place about 3 years ago. It seemed to work well generally, but was very prone to problems with mis-scanning, in which case you had to ring for help and a human would come to assist. It had quite a clever litle double scan system to identify items that might have "accidentally" slipped through without being scanned.

  Forum Editor 23:05 03 Jun 2006

I tend to be the one who goes to the supermarket, and I use the Waitrose hand scanners. They've been in use for a couple of years, or maybe longer, and it's the way to shop, especially at Christmas, when you check yourself out, with no queuing. I pay for the food with a John Lewis credit card, which is also a self-service operation, and I'm out of the store within a minute or so of finishing the shopping.

In the early days they used to make random checks, to see if anyone was trying to smuggle unpaid goods out, but I haven't seen that happening for ages now.

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