Tesco Economy Range Ticky Tacky

  Grey Goo 10:07 26 Apr 2010

Well I suppose it had to happen, they are into everything else. Only hope there is not a gert great Neon sign on each front door.
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  michaelw 10:17 26 Apr 2010

I'm worried how this retail virus is trying to expand into so many varied areas. To my mind they're becoming too powerful. They already ride rough shot over councils with their muscle.

  peter99co 12:07 26 Apr 2010

What is wrong with building houses? We need more and someone has to do it.

As long as what they build is affordable then fine.

Some councils need shaking up to how things operate in the real world.

Vote with your feet if you disagree with their retail efforts.

Their buying can produce quality and price that compares well with others at least. They also refund if you happen to buy a dud product.

We are not "A nation of shopkeepers" as we once were.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:16 26 Apr 2010

'We need more and someone has to do it'..we do not need more, we just need affordable houses. The Estate Agents are not exactly bereft of houses for sale.

'As long as what they build is affordable then fine'...you are dreaming and deluded if you thnk that this will happen. The houses will be flogged at whatever the market rate (high or low) dictates.


  interzone55 12:17 26 Apr 2010

I'll tell you what's wrong with it.

Let's say that Tesco do get permission to build Tesco town, what do you think the chances are of Asda or Sainsburys opening a store in that town?

Tesco are already far too powerful. You can't turn a corner in some places without bumping into a Tesco Metro or Tesco Express, so a Tesco Town is the very last thing we need...

  Þ² 12:23 26 Apr 2010

Nothing wrong with Tesco... great employer, goods at great prices, no quibble warranties and contributes a bucket load to the treasury.

  Þ² 12:24 26 Apr 2010

though I did apply for a job at Tesco they turned me down. lol.

  Covergirl 12:39 26 Apr 2010

I really don't like Tesco and I guess their affordable housing will come in at their usual low standard, or "built to a price" as we know it.

I'm still reeling over the yellow sticker under their own brand tomato sauce - 84p each or two for £1.80.


  spuds 19:50 26 Apr 2010

The 'Co-op' tried to build a rather large new Eco-town not far from where I live. So far the public are winning the battle. At present all as gone very quiet, but I wonder for how long before stage 3 of the battle begins!.

Tesco are getting far to powerful, and having seen the damage that they can do in certain areas, I hope this is a non-starter.

  canarieslover 20:33 26 Apr 2010

Like any other business, if you don't like or their prices then don't deal with them. Personally I don't have a problem with them, they could teach a lot of other businesses about customer relations, but I accept that other people may not like them.

  oresome 20:38 26 Apr 2010

Contrary to what GANDALF <|:-)> believes, I would suggest that house prices are high due to the supply not meeting the demand. I accept that we are in a period of deflating the housing price bubble at the moment due to the financial crisis, but generally we simply don't build enough houses to meet the demand

The NIMBY effect described by spuds is a big part of the problem.

Building houses around the shopping and other amenities seems a better idea than out of town shopping centres, considering both the ageing population and the need to conserve energy.

Tesco is cash rich, whereas many house developers have had to sell some of their land banks at less than cost to survive the downturn, so an opportunity for Tesco.

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