Tesco Assistant

  crosstrainer 06:57 03 Feb 2010

Asks for proof of age before selling a slice of quice!:

click here

What on earth is going on?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 07:37 03 Feb 2010

A company that pays just over the minimum wage with poor overtime payments, is hardly likely to have the pick of the bunch.


  crosstrainer 07:42 03 Feb 2010

True....But Quiche? Strange that the assistant in question could not be located either...Probably hiding. Surely even the most intellectually challenged 9no disrespect to the individual in question) Would find it odd to say the least.

Poor, overzealous training perhaps?

  wiz-king 08:17 03 Feb 2010

'Age related prompts at till are set centrally and there obviously isn't one on quiche.'


  Awshum 08:30 03 Feb 2010

The staff member's till ID will be printed on the receipt. Souns like she got her wires crossed about 'challenge 25' hardly news worthy.

No I don't work for Tesco.

  DANZIG 09:04 03 Feb 2010

Maybe the wage slave behind the till was that terrified about possibly going to a disciplinary and losing their job for not challenging a customer on their age, that all common sense went out the window.

I'm unlucky enough not to be challenged on my age these days, but I have noticed when I buy the paper from my local supermarket - the till asks the operator to confirm that I'm over 16.

Whys that then???

click here

  BT 09:12 03 Feb 2010

When I get any silliness at Tesco, and it happens quite often, I just send Emails to the central customer service department.

[email protected]

It usually brings a quick reply and seems to have the required effect.

Most Checkout operators use a bit of common sense regarding the age check and don't even ask if its obvious as to your age, but there is always the odd jobsworth who is incapable of making a personal judgement.

  Awshum 09:12 03 Feb 2010

Boobs on page 3? fits into category of papers and magazines which have the likes of Zoo/fhm in it.

Just like the Pizza Cutter is in the same category as bladed articles although it's less risky than a knife.

  Awshum 09:19 03 Feb 2010

Personal Judgement. The policy states under 25 so yes if it's a middle aged woman or man then they won't be asked but if you look as if you're on the right side of 30 then you will.

If you're asked for ID take it as a compliment and also take it as the NMW employee trying to keep their job without fear of dismissal or a fine.

They are trained to ask and err on the saide of caution, the local authorities will send in people to test retailers and secondly most big names employ mystery shoppers who give everything back to head office.

  DANZIG 09:20 03 Feb 2010

Fair point, but my copies of The Mail on Sunday don't have lovely ladies just under the front cover......


  Awshum 15:48 03 Feb 2010

So don't get that one then, get one that does. lol.

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