Tesco Aid

  laurie53 09:14 31 Oct 2008

The Scottish government is to give a £1.2m grant to Tesco to aid expansion.

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Good to see the Scottish government showing the same financial acumen as Westminster and aiding struggling companies in these recessionary times.

  GRIDD 09:29 31 Oct 2008

Well, I think it's a good investment.

300 permanent jobs for Dundee... Think about the benefits saved in the first year alone.

  newman35 09:31 31 Oct 2008

Probably the 300 Dundonians who get jobs will feel the 'bribe' was worth it. Or should Tesco go to Wales?
Loads of other cumulative grants get awarded for less useful stuff. But it does seem somewhat tasteless in the current situation to be handing taxpayers dosh to successful business.

  laurie53 09:33 31 Oct 2008

And think about the benefits if that money had been invested in struggling small and medium businesses in Dundee.

It's not long since Tesco put more than that out of work in Dundee when it closed its distribution centre and transferred the work to Livingston.

  m800afc 09:34 31 Oct 2008

There was a programme on TV not so long ago. Tescos are building stores on some remote islands and "in exchange" for planning permission they are providing an electricity supply. They are also providing free internet connection and creating much needed jobs. It seems to me to be a reasonably equitable arrangement.

  birdface 09:38 31 Oct 2008

Maybe a bit of blackmail.Help us with the building costs or we will try elsewhere.Great for Dundee but I can't help think that most of the large supermarkets Hiked up all their prices and made very large profits because of the fuel shortage.And can well afford to pay the costs themselves.But maybe this is the way business is done nowadays.

  birdface 09:41 31 Oct 2008

Nearly missed it.[ Aiding struggling companies in these recessionary times.]Tesco's your having a laugh.] Its only their customers that are struggling.]

  laurie53 09:48 31 Oct 2008

"Tescos are building stores on some remote islands and "in exchange" for planning permission they are providing an electricity supply."

I believe it's a normal procedure called planning benefit. Sainsburys and Morrisons have already contributed to major road junction improvements in Dundee, among other things.

  sunnystaines 14:19 31 Oct 2008

they should tell tesco to move its HQ back from cayman islands to GB and start paying its share of corporation tax.

  Condom 14:37 31 Oct 2008

For 6 months of the year I regularly shop in various Tesco Super stores. The prices I pay are absolutely fantastic and if I buy anything electrical they will not let me leave the store with it until they have opened it and tested that it is working. Service is always with a smile and never a queue at checkouts. I can buy fresh fish from a tank and prawns you would die for. Only problem is they never have HP sauce or OXO cubes.

But then I shop in Tesco Lotus in Thailand. A 100% improvement on any of their UK stores. So why the difference?

  Stuartli 16:10 31 Oct 2008

When Asda built a new store in my town part of the agreement with the council was that the supermarket giant provided the wherewithal to build a new road system in the area.

When the store was opened along with a number of other retail outlets on the site, the council took up the right to operate the large car park, complete with over officious parking wardens...:-)

Asda has to reimburse customers their parking fees to keep people visiting the store; the cost is almost certainly higher than it needs to be, as most people won't pay for less than an hour's parking to avoid parking tickets.

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