Tesco !!!!

  Al94 15:48 26 Dec 2011

Our local Tesco has shelves packed with Easter Eggs today !!!!!

This is getting stupid imho.

  SB23 18:15 26 Dec 2011

Its been like it for years

When I worked for them in the late 80's, and early 90's as a warehouse assistant, my first day back after Xmas was spent in the racking squeezing Easter Eggs in alongside the "old Xmas stock". 4 Cadbury lorries turned up first day back after Xmas, I even remember one of the drivers saying to my boss that more were on the way, as they, (Cadbury's) had to start emptying their own warehouses to make more room, as the Easter Eggs had been in production since the summer. I was with them for years, and every Xmas / New year was the same Its not stupid, it retail.

  Forum Editor 00:31 27 Dec 2011

My son, who works for Tesco, says that people will be buying Easter eggs tomorrow. he says they sell lots of them immediately after Christmas, which is why - as has already been pointed out - they put them on the shelves.

  Pine Man 08:29 27 Dec 2011

This is getting stupid imho.

How can it be stupid stocking items that people want to buy?

  morddwyd 09:46 27 Dec 2011

"A woman on the news, during a voxpop of the sales crowds, said she buys next year's presents in the sales."

For the last fifty years (maybe longer, but I haven't known her that long!) my wife has invariably bought next year's presents, and Christmas cards, and crackers, and any decorations that needed replacing or updating, during the "January" (that's what they used to be called) sales.

  Forum Editor 10:31 27 Dec 2011

I don't really see a problem here. Shops exist to sell things, and they'll stock what people want to buy.

  Al94 23:00 27 Dec 2011

Err not exactly, in particular this demonstrates the retailer enticing the customer to purchase products the retailer wants to sell, a subtle difference. Ok, so that may be retailing but who in their right mind wants to see Easter produce for sale in Christmas week. more than three months before Easter? I must say, we have decimated the amount we spend in the big retailers having made a conscious decision to support local independent businesses which has been an interesting experience in terms of better quality and value for money

  spuds 00:32 28 Dec 2011

" and they'll stock what people want to buy"

Try telling that to our local Tesco supermarket, and I would suspect that its similar elsewhere. Because in the main they will only stock and sell items that offer them the biggest profit. We have had items that people wanted, then found that Tesco no longer stocked the items. Asking the staff why, is usually met with all sorts of answers.

  Joseph Kerr 01:27 29 Dec 2011

Good Lord above this unseasonal selling must be stopped to preserve civilization as we know it, and no mistake!

Me and my pal Peeved of Tunbridge wells will be writing letter as soon as I've finished this post. As will my wife!

Boy, we'll need a lot of stamps!


  Joseph Kerr 16:37 29 Dec 2011

It doesn't matter what they sell my good man, as I shall be boycotting them from now on.

  spuds 16:59 29 Dec 2011

"It doesn't matter what they sell my good man, as I shall be boycotting them from now on"

Does that mean you will be boycotting all of 'them' or just Tesco. Because if you intend boycotting all of 'them', then you will sure need a big allotment!.

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