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Terrorists use the internet to communicate

  Forum Editor 09:46 06 Jun 2017

beacuse they can do so, sure in the knowledge that security agencies will not be able to read messages that are sent via apps - like WhatsApp and Telegram - which automatically apply end to end encryption to every message.

End to end encryption effectively scrambles messages as they travel between sender and receiver, so they cannot be read by an intercepting party - even by security agencies.

Theresa May has - since the London Bridge incident - spoken about the internet being a 'safe haven' for terrorists, and she's right. The problem is, what can be done about that? Preventing social media companies from using end to end encryption is one thing, but it would simply result in terrorists designing and using their own messaging apps, and legal users would be deprived of the security they want for their personal messages.

It's a nightmarish scenario, and nobody has yet come up with a solution. Would you be happy to see services like WhatsApp and Telegram being prevented from encrypting your messages to your friends and family?

  wee eddie 10:01 07 Jun 2017

Whereas, current Encryption Models are for all intent and purposes, uncrackable.

It is not beyond the wit of humankind to work out who is communicating with whom. (I hope I have the grammar correct there). That, at least, will give an indication of the lie of the land

  carver 10:08 07 Jun 2017

Once you give your freedom away in the name of security then the terrorist has won, you only have to look to the misuse of powers this and previous governments have gone to with the laws they already have. Councils using anti terrorist laws to snoop on individuals. Individuals being arrested because they dared to say what they thought. Or how about this photographer, we already have thought police ready to pounce just because you dare to think and say what some liberals regard as racism or bigotry. We have let this situation get out of control because we have been pushed into being silent and it has now come back to bite us.

  Burn-it 12:19 08 Jun 2017

Are the government going to demand access to every letter sent by post and every telephone call and to listen to every conversation in pubs and everywhere else. The idea is a total and complete waste of resources and even thinking about it is a waste of time.

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