Terrorist incident at Westminster reported

  john bunyan 15:42 22 Mar 2017

It looks as if a SUV ploughed into people on Westminster Bridge, followed by an attempt by someone to get into the palace of Westminster. Reports say he stabbed a police officer and was shot by police. Currently Houses of Parliament in lock down.

  Forum Editor 15:59 22 Mar 2017

This is being treated as a major terrorist incident by police.

My wife has called me from Trafalgar square to say that she has never seen so many police vehicles - the entire area is being closed off by police.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:33 22 Mar 2017

One woman dead and serious injuries to the pedestrians on the bridge + police officer stabbed and terrorist shot?

  Forum Editor 17:32 22 Mar 2017

Yes, a man was shot inside Westminster Palace yard. He had stabbed a police officer, and was shot dead by armed officers.

Apparently a vehicle with two occupants had driven into people on Westminster bridge and then crashed into railings around the palace yard. One man jumped out and ran into the yard - which is always guarded by armed police. He was approached by an officer and the stabbing took place. He then attempted to run into the parliament buildings, and was shot dead.

My wife says that part of London has come to a complete standstill - she's attempting to get home on the underground.

  john bunyan 17:57 22 Mar 2017

One woman and a police officer dead; critical injuries on others including French schoolchildren. One assailant in intensive therapy.

  john bunyan 18:50 22 Mar 2017

Now: 2 dead from car, 1 policeman plus attacker also dead.

  bumpkin 20:45 22 Mar 2017

All very confusing at the moment, if 2 people in the vehicle where did the other one go? No doubt CCTV will yield some clues.

FE, as I say to myself when delayed in traffic "Better to be delayed than involved"

  Al94 21:22 22 Mar 2017

Fortunately it turned out to be a relatively minor terrorist incident. Doesn't detract from the tragic loss of life though.

  Forum Editor 22:45 22 Mar 2017


I wouldn't call the deaths (so far) of four people 'relatively minor'. Neither is the fact that a terrorist managed to get into the Palace of Westminster yard and stab a police officer.

  Al94 00:16 23 Mar 2017

Nice Brussels Paris Omagh Enniskillen Birmingham Orlando Istanbul & Warrenpoint spring to mind plus some more here These things need to be kept in perspective.

  morddwyd 09:35 23 Mar 2017

No doubt of the seriousness of such an attack in such a place, but am I alone in thinking that the BBC is making a bit of a meal of it?

Four killed in Westminster terror attack is hardly "Breaking News" more than eighteen hours after the event (it is now o9.30 on Thursday, 23rd.)

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