Terrorism act

  carver 08:35 23 Jul 2008

Now this is very worrying when an act designed to combat terrorism can be used in such a way,click here

Just what are we allowing to be done to our civil liberties when things like this can be used against us.

This act was supposed to protect us, not be used as a catch all against the private individual when nothing else can be thought up.

  interzone55 08:45 23 Jul 2008

I think you'll find that the act can't be used for things like this - hence the fact that the officer has been transfered to other duties.

  carver 08:49 23 Jul 2008

It's the fact that they used the act that is so worrying, are you going to argue with a bunch of police officers that they can't arrest you because you know your rights, think not.

  interzone55 08:56 23 Jul 2008

No, I'd let them arrest me, then sue them for false arrest.

As I said, an individual officer can't decide to use an act for something that it doesn't cover, and if they do then it's up to the person concerned to make the police pay.

As I see it this is a perfect example of why we should extend the detention period under this act to 42 days, because the police can't be trusted to get it right

  laurie53 08:57 23 Jul 2008

A pretty dreadful experience, but it does seem to be a one off caused by a single incompetent individual.

The police authority certainly seem to have done their best to make amends.

God knows there are plenty of justifiable complaints to be made against the police, but this is hardly on the institutionalised scale of Jean Paul.

  DANZIG 09:00 23 Jul 2008

As much as I have sympathy with the family involved in this situation, I'd rather the police make the odd rare mistake like this than allow potential terrorists into the country.

  lofty29 09:09 23 Jul 2008

Unfortunatly there are always those who either abuse the powers available or who are totally incompetant, such as councils who use the act to spy on people to check that their address is ok with regard to school placements, or in a recent case a plastic plod stopped a man from taking photos of yob's who were threatening him. The only answer in such instances is instant dismissle for those who abuse the situation, and warnings to their superiors for employing such people

  spuds 11:11 23 Jul 2008

The 'Terrorism Act' as many sweeping powers of enforcement. Even your local council have advantages of using the act, for their own purposes.

With respect to this particular incident, then think of the McCanns, and what would or could have happened, had the police officer not made certain enquiries. Alarm bells must have been ringing. Perhaps an over active or subdued child was the alarm bell, one doesn't really know. Okay I agree that perhaps a rather bolshy police officers can cause more harm than good, but remember that the child's parent or guardian was a law advocate, and their experiences of law might have had some bearing in the matter. I also notice that the 'racist' card seemed to be a further point, regarding this incident.

  spuds 11:22 23 Jul 2008

If the police force was to adopt a 'instant dismissal' and 'warning' program for every incident of this or any other kind. Then most police forces would have a severe staff shortage and recruitment problem.

In normal life and on a daily basis, I can guarantee that some police officer as or might have overstepped the mark, according to the person or persons the police officer as had need to offer a spoken word. No one likes to be confronted by any form of authority, especially if a possible misdemeanour might have occurred.

  medicine hat 13:18 23 Jul 2008

I guess I'm naive in thinking the Terrorism Act should be reserved for those involved in terrorism.

  spuds 17:47 23 Jul 2008

Not so much about terrorism in the UK. But I have just received an email from China, informing that "due to extra security procedures with the forthcoming Olympic Games. No items containing batteries are being allowed out of the country. The batteries must be removed and not sent with the item".

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