Tent advice needed

  Legolas 19:50 11 Jul 2008

I am thinking of buying a new tent, now the tent I have is about 12 years old and although well used is still in good working order.

The reason I am thinking of a new one is all down to weight and headroom. Basically as I am getting on a bit I was looking for a lightweight two man tent with good headroom.

The best I can find has 48 inches of headroom not bad but if I can get better I would go for it.

I am aware that I might have to sacrifice weight for headroom but I am willing to do that.

Any help would be gratefully received, I have searched google till I am cross-eyed.

  peter99co 20:04 11 Jul 2008

How are you intending to transport the new tent?

  Legolas 20:17 11 Jul 2008

On my back as I am a non driver

  rossgolf 20:27 11 Jul 2008

go to and outdoor shop like Go!Outdoors

they have tents set up for you to go in a have a look at. very good prices as well.

  spuds 20:58 11 Jul 2008

Have a look on eBay and a company called Tentastic. They have daily offers at good prices.

For a more specialised market, look at Field and Trek or Go Camping.Both offer good discounts.

  peter99co 21:09 11 Jul 2008

A friend of mine does lightweight walking and has an expensive sleeping bag which he gets into as darkness approaches.It has a hood which is quite large and has a built-in support over the head only to keep the person dry. The whole thing is waterproof. At the early hours he rolls it up and after a breakfast is on his way again. He has a large waterproof sheet that can be fitted between trees Ray Mears style for cooking and sitting outside times. A fishing shelter thingy is a good alternative I suppose. If you intend to stay in one place then Gelert have some more conventional tents on offer. He has lots of ways of reducing his load. ie small cooker and dry food (dehydrated) He cuts his toothbrush down to reduce weight.

  Legolas 21:32 11 Jul 2008

Thanks for all the suggestions. Although weight is a consideration I am willing to go for a heavier tent if it has a decent headroom. Headroom is really the most important thing for me at the moment, I don't really want to be scrambling about crouched over. As I said 48in is the best I have found for a two man tent, any advances on 48?

  namtas 11:47 12 Jul 2008

I have used Vango and found they had a good range.

click here

  peter99co 12:18 12 Jul 2008

They have a Tent Bargain Basement and view by berth or brand

click here

  peter99co 12:33 12 Jul 2008

Which tent have you found that is 48" high?

  peter99co 12:39 12 Jul 2008

On a different tack but no weight given.

click here

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