spikeychris 20:21 23 Jun 2010

Loving the football but watching this click here online as well.
Score at time of typing 2 sets all 52 to 53 games! A world record and still going.

  mr simon 21:06 23 Jun 2010

Match point!

  mr simon 21:07 23 Jun 2010


  interzone55 21:15 23 Jun 2010

Play suspended for the second night.

Played over 9 hours so far and still not finished, one of them has to play a second round match tomorrow as well...

  Forum Editor 00:09 24 Jun 2010

We watched some of this unfold after the England football match, and I spent most of the time thinking that one or both of them must surely collapse from exhaustion.
How they managed to stay on their feet I'll never know, let alone play amazing tennis as well.

  Quickbeam 08:31 24 Jun 2010

as Roy Castle would have said.

  Quickbeam 08:50 24 Jun 2010

"40-40 came and went. Court-side, admiration turned to laughter turned to disbelief. Men who had sat down clean shaven scratched their straggly beards. Ball-boys became ball-men." from click here The whole report is quite humorous.

  morddwyd 08:58 24 Jun 2010

With BBC1 showing the England game, and BBC2 at Wimbledon, it would be a fair assumption that anyone watching BBC2 would not be very interested in football (though the converse might not necessarily be true).

So why did the BBC feel it necessary to interrupt the tennis to show part, albeit a very small part, of the football

  ventanas 10:28 24 Jun 2010

There was some talk last night of moving it to a show court, but the genral feeling was that it should remain on court 18 for the atmosphere.
A certain Mr McEnroe felt that there should be proecdure in place to stop this happening and he also said it was possible that Isner in particular may not be fit to resume this morning.
Personally I did not find the actual tennis that entertaining, one big serve after another can become a bit wearisome, both for the player and viewer. But what the heck, it beats football any day of the week.

Yes there are toilet breaks, but an official has to accompany the player to ensure that he receives no coaching while off court. As for meal breaks, never been necessary before.

  ronalddonald 10:31 24 Jun 2010


  dukeboxhero 15:43 24 Jun 2010

What i found remarkable was Nicolas Mahut looked the fittest of the two and asked for the game to be stopped, But John Isner looked dead on his feet and wanted the game to go on,I am not a big tennis fan but this (and Andy Murray) has put some of the boring world cup games in check.

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