TEN whole years of being a member on PCA :-)

  Portal11 12:25 08 Dec 2015

Ive just looked at my first post on here and seen it was in fact 2005 Wow thats passed can anyone beat that? is Peter still FE?

  wee eddie 13:01 08 Dec 2015

Congratulations. I hope that you've gained as much over the years as I have.

The craik here is stimulating, mostly anyway, and the snippets of knowledge that one picks up have, for me, been invaluable.

  Govan1x 14:12 08 Dec 2015

Nah you have been away for 3 years so basically you have only been on here for 7 years. Another 13 years to go before you get the long service medal.

  lotvic 14:52 08 Dec 2015

Yes, We've been here almost 15 years click here

  Portal11 17:34 08 Dec 2015

Wow i can remember most of you guys! lovely to see your still all here and on the forum! as i stated is FE still Peter?

  bremner 17:41 08 Dec 2015

Yes he is

  lotvic 18:27 08 Dec 2015

Yes, Yes, as per my post at 14:52 PM and the click here click on it. I'll give it ^ bump up so it'll be back on page one

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