Ten uses for a discarded England flag.

  TOPCAT® 13:23 03 Jul 2006

And there's plenty of 'em, by George! TC.

click here

  amonra 13:44 03 Jul 2006

Our local car-wash said he could use them as wash-cloths ! Cymru am Byth

  ezypcy 14:02 03 Jul 2006

Send them to the England training ground.The flags
could be strategically position in the goal netting
to help with the penalty practice.The 'cross' marks
the spot!!
"Op's that's another 5 lightbulbs shattered" says McClaren.lol

  ed-0 16:00 03 Jul 2006

Mmmmmm. Where to put them.?

Perhaps the Scottish, Irish and Welsh supporters could offer some help.

Where did they shove theirs over a year ago?

  ezypcy 17:05 03 Jul 2006

The Celts have always been realistic ,regards their
potential.Perhaps it's time we do the same.
We will remain losers.Hype is what we do best.
Hype is what encourages many of us to splash out on a
new telly ,flags etc.
Only to realise we are still rubbish.

Champions' League is far superior to the World Cup.

  Pamy 18:41 03 Jul 2006

I dare not tell you what I would do with them and there owners

  anskyber 19:17 03 Jul 2006

Go on, give us a taster!

  Pamy 19:27 03 Jul 2006

It would be very dark

  nigg 20:48 03 Jul 2006

Keep flying them.There's surely loads of sports where an English team are competing.

  wolfie3000 21:02 03 Jul 2006

Talking about flags i had to laugh today as the local pub down the street who were flying at least 10 england flags now seem to be devoid of anything ressembling an english flag.

  €dstowe 22:12 03 Jul 2006

Cut them up into one foot squares and sell them outside Wimbledon for people to cry into when the British tennis "hopes" have all lost.

Ooooops, too late.

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