Ten Commandments for Mobile Phone Users

  simonjary 06:34 29 Mar 2007

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Which of the Ten Commandments for Mobile Phone Use do you most agree with, or what have we missed out?


  Kat440 10:18 29 Mar 2007

And very true as well.

Why do some people feel the need to talk louder when using a mobile???(reminds me of dom joly). It isn't a piece of string with yoghurt pots attatched to the end!!!!:-)

Also the wearing of the bluetooth earpiece, i regularly see business men wearing them whilst going round the supermarket in their dinner break.

But thats my opinion and i certainly wouldnt do it!!! :-)

  anskyber 10:26 29 Mar 2007

It amuses me to see people with bluetooth glued to their ears.

Not very long ago and for some reason I do not understand the wearing of a hearing aid was considered to be something to try and hide. now the larger bluetooth appendages are considered to be "cool" and fine to wear as a....hearing aid.

  Hackwatch 10:33 29 Mar 2007

Very good reading.

  riiverstock 10:34 29 Mar 2007

anskyber,don't you find that these bluetooth 'earers look like the real high powered business types!

Trekkies more like.

  recap 10:39 29 Mar 2007

I totally agree that this practise should stop.

On my way in to work yesterday, driving through thick fog - visibility down to less than 100 yards - I started to overtake a parked car, taking extra care due to the fog. When all of a sudden a black car came out of the fog with no lights on and, the drive was on the phone. How mad are some people I ask???

  Watchful 12:38 29 Mar 2007

Thou shalt turn off thy mobile in areas where you are requested to do so.

I agree with all the others.

  Legolas 12:57 29 Mar 2007

Funniest mobile phone conversation I have heard was on a bus. I was standing behind a guy as we waited to get of the bus, his mobile rang and he answered it and a few seconds later said the immortal words "i'm on the bus" as this was happening the bus had stopped and the guy had got off, without hardly a pause he then informed the caller "i'm off the bus".

It's amazing what passes for conversation when using a mobile

  Diver14 13:00 29 Mar 2007

Should be modified to: - Thou shalt turn your phone OFF in a restaurant!! Have some manners!!

  Arthur Scrimshaw 13:03 29 Mar 2007

banning us from using phones in the car while driving - handsfree, bluetooth, the lot.
I'm actually pleased because I'd stopped using the phone some time ago, but was having pangs of guilt for not answering calls when on the move.

  wee eddie 13:21 29 Mar 2007

At the cutting edge of business, there has been an attitude that all employees shall be available at all times.

For example, a Senior Partner in a Firm of Lawyers, shall be available for a Client to call even if he/she is driving around the M25. I know a number of Lawyers, Accountants and Stock Brokers, who's stress levels have been sent through the roof while trying to negotiate traffic and answer a Clients Question.

As it is, the perception that the Client is to be serviced, come what may, as otherwise he may go elsewhere. Maybe, at last, this may be modified.

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