Ten best T-Shirts for geeks

  Covergirl 16:21 06 Jun 2010

Nine excellent ones here click here. It must be a geek in-joke that the 10th one is missing.

  Þ² 19:29 06 Jun 2010

you mean 8 too many.

00000010 = 2 in decimal

  interzone55 21:00 06 Jun 2010

Anyone now where I can get the first T-shirt from (the code ninja one) I've searched t'internet and can't find it anywhere.

If you want to know the missing t-shirt it's the first slide on this page click here

  OTT_B 21:39 06 Jun 2010
  dagbladet 11:57 07 Jun 2010

I saw a chap sporting one the other day. It had the rectangular grey error window with the red cross in the middle, below were the words;

"No I won't fix your ******* computer"

Only there were no asterixes(sp?)

  Bingalau 14:21 07 Jun 2010

"Asterisks" maybe? Sounds nicer anyway.. I will guess at the word not described.

  dagbladet 14:52 07 Jun 2010

"Asterisks" maybe?

That'll be it. I think Asterix is that little strong cartoon fella that hates the Romans.

  Jollyjohn 19:57 07 Jun 2010

I don't think he hates the Romans, just enjoys upsetting them as they occupy his homeland:)

  [email protected] 00:27 09 Jun 2010

You could use this site, click here, and create your own.

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